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Brazilian Coffee: World Renowned and Distinctive

Brazilian Coffee: World Renowned and Distinctive

It is impossible to discuss coffee without bringing up Brazil. The South American country is just as well-known globally for coffee production as it is for the beautiful beaches along its coast. Coffee’s rich history in Brazil has even become legend. Back in 1727, Lt. Col. Francisco de Mello Palheta, who was sent by the Portuguese Government to French Guiana under the ruse of settling a border dispute, smuggled coffee plants out and brought them back to his home in Brazil. By 1800, coffee had spread throughout the country. For more than a century, Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer and is responsible for a third of all coffee production.

Most of the coffee beans in Brazil are processed using the dry (natural) method, due to the country’s favorable climate of a long dry season; although, the wet-process and pulp-natural methods are also used. During the dry process, the coffee cherries are picked — either mechanically or manually — and placed in the sun for a very long time to dry. The cherries will eventually turn dark brown, and the pods will harden. Then, the green bean is removed. According to, this is a delicate process and leaves some room for error, like fermentation, but Brazil has in essence perfected it.

Flavors of Brazilian Coffee

Processing plays a huge role in flavor, and dry-processing gives the coffee a very distinctive taste that for which Brazilian coffee is known. Across the country, coffee is usually heavy, fruity and complex, with a bit of spice. This is because the bean dries while still connected to the fruit. Some regions do produce medium-bodied coffees, too.

Coffee-Growing Regions of the Country

Brazil produces both Arabica and Robusta beans, but mostly Arabica. Coffee is grown across many distinct regions in these seven states: Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Parana and Rondonia. Although, according to, there are three main regions that produce Brazil’s best coffee: Mogiana, Sul Minas, and Cerrado de Minas.

Mogiana, an area near São Paulo and Minas Gerais, has mountains and rolling hills. It has a lot of small and medium-sized farms, and coffee from here will suit those that like sweet, heavy body-tasting flavors. The Sul Minas region, which is in Minas Gerais, produces the most coffee in all of Brazil. It’s also very mountainous and has a mild climate, which makes it great for farming. Coffee from Sul Minas is medium-bodied and sweet. Cerrado, which is also in Minas Gerais, has a tropical climate — hot, rainy summers and dry winters — and plateaus make up the terrain. The coffee from this region is heavy-bodied and sweet, and the region tends to yield high-quality coffee that enthusiasts praise. Almost half of the production in the country occurs in Minas Gerais. Coffee lovers would surely enjoy visiting this place.

A Brazilian Coffee Profile To Suit All Tastes

Camano Island Coffee Roasters sells Brazilian coffee in medium and dark roasts. Medium roast is very sweet and has some undertones of chocolate or caramel. The dark roast will have a smokier taste. All of our beans are low in acid, which prevents heartburn and acid reflux. No matter which roast you choose, though, you can expect a top-quality coffee flavor that you will love. Join our Coffee Lover’s Club and never run out of your favorite.

An Ethical and Environmentally-Friendly Treat

Here at Camano Island Coffee Roasters we put so much good into our coffee. Our shade-grown organic coffee is free of pesticides and the result of fair trade, so you can enjoy it knowing that you’re not just getting the healthy benefits that coffee provides, but you’re also supporting the people and places behind it.

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Sumatra Dark Roast – Bean Profile

Sumatra Dark Roast – Bean Profile

While we don’t condone the over-roasting of coffee as many other coffee companies approach their darker roasts, we’re in full support of a delicious, tasty dark roast. Especially when that roast brings in balance the darker tones of roasting with the nuances of the coffee bean we’re roasting.

Whenever we hear: “I want your darkest roast!” or “I like my coffee dark and rich,” there is only really one immediate conclusion – Sumatra Dark Roast.  Now if you like coffee darker than this, we’re not the coffee roaster for you. Because our coffee is extremely good for you, we feel it’s our duty to keep the carcinogen levels to an extreme low to provide you with healthy coffee.

One other benefit of the coffee we purchase from Sumatra is that, as a general rule, the Sumatra coffee we offer is our lowest in caffeine content – naturally. Many customers that previously couldn’t drink caffeinated coffee find that they are now able to enjoy a cup of fully caffeinated Sumatra (Dark or Medium Roast).

Sumatra Dark Cupping/Region Information:

Cupping Information:

  • Body: Full/Syrupy
  • Aroma: Dried Fruit, Nuts
  • Flavor: Dried fruit tones with a Heavy Nutty Base
  • Aftertaste: Lingering Deep Sweetness
  • Sweetness: Semi-Sweet – Dried Fruit

Region Information:

  • Country: Sumatra
  • Farm: Mandheling (Gayo Mountain Region)
  • Altitude: 1800 ft
  • Harvest: October-March
  • Soil: Volcanic Ash – High Nutrient
  • Production Method: Natural, Dry Process

Cupping Notes:

Certified organic Sumatra has a rich syrupy body with a dried fruit tone (apricot, cherry, and fig) and nutty base (pecan-esque).  Acidity is fairly mild and the finish leaves a semi-heavy coating in the mouth.

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Low Sugar White Chocolate Mocha Pie

Low Sugar White Chocolate Mocha Pie

Ok, I have to be honest… not many of the crew here got to enjoy this white chocolate mocha pie. *shhh… don’t tell*

My wife had this waiting for me when I ran home for lunch a couple days ago.  I ate lunch, was getting ready to run back to work… then she said “Oh, hey!  I have something special for you to try.”  That was all that was needed to get me to hang out a few minutes longer!

I gotta say, not only did it look SUPER good… but it tasted amazing!  As I was finishing my first piece, I started cleaning up my dish and silverware to start my journey back to work.

Then she stopped me again… (she knows how to keep me around longer!)

“So, I made this with sugar-free white chocolate pudding and fat-free cool whip.  I hope it tasted ok?”

Ok?  It was delicious!  I enjoyed a second piece (funny how that logic worked out for me).  Anyhow, enough of the story, here’s the how-to.


  1. -1 chocolate pie crust (8-inch)
  2. -1 1/4 cups cold milk
  3. -2 tablespoons of double-strength Honduras Dark Roast (from Camano Island Coffee of course)
  4. -2 packages of 4-serving, sugar-free, white chocolate flavor instant pudding
  5. -8 oz. Cool Whip, divided
  6. -2 Pinches of Cinnamon powder (for the top)


In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together milk and double strength Honduras Dark Roast coffee; add pudding mix and 1/2 (4oz) of the whipped topping. Beat until creamy and mixture becomes thick, about 1 minute. With a spatula, spread mixture in a prepared crust and top with the remaining whipped topping. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Just prior to serving, add the cinnamon lightly to the top.

Idea From: and modified for GOOD coffee and a couple other things:)

Hope you love this as much as I did (and two others at “The Roaster” – not naming names in case I get in trouble!)

By Dan Ericson

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October’s Coffee of the Month- Boo Brew!

Boo Brew- Brazil Dark Roast

Our Boo Brew is back for October! This delicious dark roast is the perfect complement to a blustery fall day.

Bean Notes: Our Brazilian roasts are some of our best selling coffees. With bright, caramel tones and rich flavors, this coffee is a delicious addition to the daily routine.

Roast Notes: When our Brazilian Cerrado coffee is roasted to a darker level, the bean develops into a beautiful, dark chocolate color. Our Brazilian coffee is roasted at a higher temperature, allowing for a rich, smoky flavor to rise to the surface of each bean. This provides a similar brightness in the flavor, which also brings out rich, nutty tones.

Country Notes: This month our Boo Brew comes from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Cerrado means “closed” or “inaccessible”, and has earned its nickname from the closed canopy of the rainforest. This region has earned a unique reputation as being one of the few areas in the world where fire and the surrounding environment have found a way to co-exist. Fire is constantly purging the land and putting nutrients back into the soil, while the rest of the area continues to flourish.

To learn more about Brazil Dark roast, visit our Brazil Coffee Facebook Page, or check out our website!

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May 2011’s Coffee of the Month – Peru Light and Dark Roast

Our “Coffee of the Month” for May, 2011 is a wonderful blend of light and dark roasted Peruvian beans.

Country Notes:
One of the highest in elevation in the region, this Peru coffee bean has sweet, fruity tones that lend towards a naturally sweet cup. Our Peru is a light bodied coffee, which gives great flavor and taste to each cup. This coffee is great any time of the day and will complement every meal.

That description still holds true with this special blend of roasts. The only addition I would make to that description is the added amount of complexity from the combination of a Light Roast coffee and a Dark Roast coffee.

Peru Light Roast.jpeg

Roast Notes:
At CICR, we get so caught up in coffees that have a “strength” in flavor or provide the drinker with a “rich” cup of coffee, that the Peru often gets overlooked. Peru, while not having a super deep, dark flavor, has a wonderfully mellow tone and smooth taste. When I’m eating a meal, I want my coffee to taste great, but not compete with what I’m enjoying. The natural sweetness and subtle flavors of this Peru blend will complement any meal.


Peru Coffee: Peru Dark Roast.jpeg

Country Notes: Peru is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape. It is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. The estimated population of Peru is 30 million people (2011), and the two national languages are Spanish and Quechua. Peru is home to many people groups today and was the native land of the Incas.

Related Links and Information:

Enjoy this wonderfully subtle favorite!


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March’s Coffee of the Month – Brazil Dark and Medium Blend

Cupping Notes:
Our Brazilian coffee bean is definitely one of our best selling coffees. Both the Medium roast coffee and Dark Roast coffee are very popular with our customers. Our Brazil coffee has a bright caramel tone that seems to carry through both the medium and dark roasts and maintain its richness.

I usually recommend this coffee to people that don’t want to add sugar to their cup, yet would like a natural sweetness. Of course, coupled with that sweetness is a delicate nutty tone that holds the bottom of the cup and provides the medium/heavy body in your mouth.

Roast Notes:?
When our Brazilian Cerrado is roasted to a darker level, the bean develops a beautiful, dark brown color similar to the look of dark chocolate.The roast, while being similar in length to our medium roast, roasts hotter which brings the bean to a higher temperature in the same amount of time. This provides a similar brightness in the flavor while brings out the smoky characteristics many dark roast coffee drinkers enjoy.

Region Notes from
March’s Brazilian blend comes from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Cerrado means “closed” or “inaccessible” and has earned its nickname from the closed canopy of forest. Cerrado has earned a unique reputation as being one of the few areas in the world where fire and the surrounding environment have found a way to co-exist. Fire is constantly purging the land and putting nutrients back in the soil while the rest of area continues to flourish.

Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”

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Ordering Your Organic Holiday Blend Coffees!

Here is a preview of our seasonal Holiday Blends, available only in November & December!

Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend Midnight (Dark Roast)

Holiday Blend Swiss Water Process Decaf

Club Members: Because this is a seasonal coffee, we aren’t allowing you to add it to your club order from the website. It is available to add to your club, however! Just call or email our customer service department and we can take care of it for you!

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Holiday Blend Coffees – Dark, Medium, and Swiss Water Process Decaf

It’s that time again! We’re releasing our highly anticipated “Holiday Blend” coffees into the wild yet again. Now is your chance to grab our most popular coffees! Need a gift? Need coffee for yourself? Here at the “Roastery”, we don’t have the opportunity to talk too much about our Holiday Blend coffees before one of our prosumers take over and let everyone know how much they love them and why. It’s always fun to have such passionate support and these coffees ALWAYS instill that passion.

Well, enough chat… let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Holiday Blend:
Papua New Guinea – Light/Medium/Dark Blend
Our Papua New Guinea is such a popular coffee throughout the year. Around 6 years ago, Cristy came up with a great idea: “Since Papua New Guinea is so popular, we should do a special coffee for the Holidays that has a light, a medium, and a dark profile blended together. It’d be a great Holiday Brew!” Well, Cristy was right… and it’s been overwhelmingly popular from year to year!

Our Blog and Website both describe the Papua New Guinea bean as follows:

Sweet and medium-bodied, Papua New Guinea coffee is prized for its richness and crisp, clean finish. Subtle, yet distinct chocolaty tones make this light roast organic coffee a favorite among our customers. The Papua New Guinea coffee bean is versatile and makes a distinguished cup of morning coffee, as well as a smooth after dinner coffee served with dessert.

Holiday Blend Midnight
Brazil Dark Special Roast
Just a year after we first introduced our “Holiday Blend”, we decided to add another yummy coffee to our Holiday Lineup. We’d received a lot of feedback from customer requesting something a little darker for their Holiday Coffee. We cupped, tested, drank coffee, didn’t sleep at night, drank more coffee… Finally, after weeks of too much coffee and no sleep (only slightly joking…), we developed a special Brazil Dark Roast profile specifically for our Holiday Blend Midnight.

Our Blog and Website both describe the Brazil bean as follows:

Our Brazil is perhaps one of our most complex coffees. Its well defined caramel tones coupled with a finishing hint of spice give it a unique and addictive flavor. Rounding out the undertones of the coffee are nutty hints. Brazilian weather conditions are very unique and produce excellent Arabica naturals.

Holiday Blend SWP Decaf
Honduras Dark Roast SWP Decaf
Now two years after the birth of our Holiday Blend, we came to one big conclusion: Decaf drinkers were feeling left out! Of course we had two regular Holiday coffees, and it seemed natural we needed a decaf to add to the lineup. The original Holiday decaf was a Sumatra Dark Roast. A couple years later we introduced our new Honduras Dark Roast Decaf and instantly knew we had found the perfect fit for our Holiday lineup.

Our Blog and Website both describe the Honduras bean as follows:

Although Honduras is relatively new to high-end Arabica coffee, its soil, climate, and altitude are all perfect for coffee growing. Dark roast organic coffee from Honduras offers the perfect blend of rich molasses tones with slight hints of caramel and spice. This sustainable organic coffee has a pleasant brightness and a medium to heavy body to compliment the sweeter molasses and caramel tones.

So, there you have it. 3 great coffees for 2 fun-filled, eventful months!

I hope you enjoy them all!

“Coffee Guru”

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August’s Coffee of the Month – Beach Brew

coffee of the month

August 2012 Coffee of the Month – – Sumatra Medium

Beach Brew is back! This time, we’re showcasing our Sumatra Medium Roast as our coffee of the month. This medium roast brings a richness of flavor unlike any other coffee. Sumatra coffees (as a general rule) tend to have a heavy, buttery body. Sumatra is easy to find, although high quality Sumatra coffees are harder to come by. Even so, many regard Sumatra coffee in general as a great dessert coffee due its natural richness.

Here’s the low down on this Coffee of the Month
Most people only get to drink dark roasted Sumatra coffee. While Dark Sumatra coffee is awesome — particularly our Organic dark roast Sumatra coffee — many would love the slightly lighter roast of a Sumatra Medium even more.

So which roast would be better as a monthly coffee?

The common thought is: Darker = Richer, and that has a truth to it. However, Lighter = Richer is also a true statement.

Let me explain:

Here’s the best way to describe it. Roasting coffee to a darker degree does two things:

  1. Natural “Coffee Flavor” is baked out of the coffee more than lighter style roasts.
  2. “Roast Flavor” or “toasty” flavor is increased due to the length of time in the roaster.

coffee of the monthMany people really like one more than the other… or enjoy a balance of one to the other. I personally drift more towards lighter roasts because I just really enjoy tasting the flavor of the coffee bean. Many others like the darkness introduced in the roasting process and really enjoy having that added flavor characteristic. I always say “That’s what makes coffee so great! It appeals to everyones taste buds in some way.”

I find the Sumatra Medium Roast to be perfect for lighter roasted coffee drinkers like me… as well as people that enjoy the depth of darker roasts. The natural Sumatran richness coupled with a good, medium roasting level provides all the flavor necessary to thoroughly enjoy this wonderful dessert coffee – even if you can’t relegate it strictly to dessert!

So there you have it, Sumatra coffee — either dark roast or medium roast — make for great monthly coffees.

Update: Are you reading this after August 2012? You can still get this coffee fresh! Just click one of the links below!

Click here for our Sumatra Medium Roast

Click here for our Sumatra Dark Roast

Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”


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June’s Coffee of the Month – Peru Coffee Dark Roast – Camano Island …

peru coffee

peru coffeeCoffee is great all year long whether it’s hot or cold outside. The problem, however, is that sometimes you don’t want a hot cup of coffee when it is over 90 degrees outside. As an Arizona guy (grew up there), I find that hot weather makes iced drinks SO much better! That same hot weather also seems to make hot drinks harder to enjoy. Well, I’ve got the solution for you — our Peru coffee.

Well, I’ve got the solution for you! Our Peru coffee

Our Peru coffee — dark roasted is here to the rescue. The Peru coffee is literally the perfect summer coffee. It’s light bodied and refreshing yet packs a delicious flavor. Complete with subtle, gentle fruit tones and a slight smokiness, our Peru coffee makes a great hot beverage in the morning and will continue to be your perfect companion throughout the day by pouring it over ice!

peru coffeeIf you venture over to our coffee page, you’ll see that our Peru coffee is described as: “One of the highest in elevation in the region, this Peru bean has sweet, fruity tones that lend towards a naturally sweet cup. Our Peru coffee is our lightest bodied coffee which makes it a great choice for the coffee drinker that enjoys drinking lots of coffee yet doesn’t want to sacrifice in the flavor of the cup. This coffee is great anytime of the day and compliments many meals.”

At CICR, we get so caught up in coffees that have a “strength” in flavor or provide the drinker with a “rich” cup of coffee, that the Peru often gets overlooked. The Peru coffee, while not having that super heavy flavor, has a wonderfully mellow tone. We always market it as our “guzzling” coffee but it’s also a wonderful compliment to food. When I’m eating a meal, I want my coffee to taste great, but not compete with what I’m enjoying. This Peru’s natural sweetness only goes to compliment the meal rather than combat it.

Enjoy this wonderful summer coffee!

Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”