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October’s Coffee of the Month- Boo Brew!

Boo Brew- Brazil Dark Roast

Our Boo Brew is back for October! This delicious dark roast is the perfect complement to a blustery fall day.

Bean Notes: Our Brazilian roasts are some of our best selling coffees. With bright, caramel tones and rich flavors, this coffee is a delicious addition to the daily routine.

Roast Notes: When our Brazilian Cerrado coffee is roasted to a darker level, the bean develops into a beautiful, dark chocolate color. Our Brazilian coffee is roasted at a higher temperature, allowing for a rich, smoky flavor to rise to the surface of each bean. This provides a similar brightness in the flavor, which also brings out rich, nutty tones.

Country Notes: This month our Boo Brew comes from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Cerrado means “closed” or “inaccessible”, and has earned its nickname from the closed canopy of the rainforest. This region has earned a unique reputation as being one of the few areas in the world where fire and the surrounding environment have found a way to co-exist. Fire is constantly purging the land and putting nutrients back into the soil, while the rest of the area continues to flourish.

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