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Nicaragua Dark Roast

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Why We’re Different

We ethically source our coffee beans and invest in non-profits so that we can give a hand up, and not a handout. Your coffee can make a difference.

Our Coffees Meet the Highest Standards

All our coffees are certified organic, and we take care to keep our facility and all suppliers aligned within USDA regulations.
They follow a natural growth cycle, creating a fuller and richer flavor for you.
Allowing us to give you beans with half the caffeine and acidity of other varieties.
We take care to pay our farmers a premium. This can even be up to 3x Fair Trade regulations.

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Personalize Your Roasts according to what you like to drink and what you would like to try. We have over 20 varieties.

Choose A Delivery Schedule Customize your delivery from 2-10 weeks according to your rate of consumption.

Sip and Savor Your Fresh Coffee knowing it is organic, fairly traded, and gives back to farming communities.

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