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Enjoy the Freshest Coffee with our 2lb Club

How The Club Works

  • Roasted and shipped within 48 hours
  • You select delivery frequency
  • No contracts or hassles – shipments can be delayed or canceled as you need
  • Customize the grind size
  • Save 7.87% off retail

Our Coffee

All of our coffees must meet the highest standard. They are all USDA Certified Organic, Shade-Grown, Top 1% Arabica Grade and Fairly Traded. We also specialize in single origin coffees to give you a true taste of place.

All our coffees are certified organic, and we take care to keep our facility and all suppliers aligned within USDA regulations.
They follow a natural growth cycle, creating a fuller and richer flavor for you.
Allowing us to give you beans with half the caffeine and acidity of other varieties.
We take care to pay our farmers a premium. This can even be up to 3x Fair Trade regulations.

Get $20 Off When You Join Our Club

Step 1: Choose Your Club Type

Choose from 2lbs, 3lbs or 4lbs per shipment. The bigger the shipment the bigger your discount and shipping is always FREE!


2lb Club

First Box ONLY
(Regular Price $40.99)
+ Free Shipping

3lb Club

First Box ONLY

(Regular Price $55.99)
+ Free Shipping

4lb Club

First Box ONLY

(Regular Price $66.99)
+ Free Shipping

Step 2: Choose Your Coffees

Mix and match over 20 organic coffees. Try something different with every shipment.

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Choose a Grind

Step 3: Choose Frequency

Pick your preferred frequency, but remember, you can change this at any time. Pause or cancel a shipment. You're always in control.


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