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Coffee Lover’s Box Cancellation Policy

CICR’s Coffee Box Cancellation Policy

Updated March 18, 2013

The purpose of our Coffee Lover’s Box program is to always be a convenient way to receive the best coffee in the world at the lowest possible price. We will always strive to not only offer the best coffee in the world, but to also make your experience with our company as great as possible.

Cancellation Cutoff:

Since we roast our coffee fresh-to-order, we do ask that you give us a minimum of two days to enact a cancellation request.  Any cancellation received within two business days of your shipment leaving our building, will be applied to the following shipment.  Any shipments that are returned outside of this acceptable cancellation window is subject to a flat-rate shipping charge of $8.95.

Email Cancellation Policy:

While our email system is typically great, it doesn’t allow us that customer interaction really needed.  Furthermore, we’ve had times in the past when emails have been lost in the “black hole” of the internet.  With those challenges, we require all cancellations to be done via a phone call.  Don’t worry — we don’t bite! This is a hassle-free call!  Our toll free number is 1-866-387-JAVA (5282).

Written Letter (Mail or Fax) Cancellation Policy:

Much the same as email, there is a chance your letter or fax could get lost before it even makes it to our hands.  We want to make sure all cancellation requests are handled immediately and if we can ever offer a better alterative, chatting with one of our coffee bean experts will allow you the opportunity to explore that.