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Save Yourself From Bad Coffee

Save Yourself From Bad Coffee We asked you to tag a mom in your life who could use some good coffee. Your response was fantastic. As a result we have picked 5 winners. Congratulations to you guys! And, remember, if you didn’t win you can still get your first bag free when you join the […]

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Ericson Family Vacation 2018

Ericson Family Vacation 2018 We’ve been meaning to post these photos from our family vacation for months now. We’ve finally gotten round to sharing them. Jodi and I had a great time treating our kids and grandkids to a family trip to Disneyland this past spring. It was great to see the faces of our […]

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5 Unintended Fair Trade Coffee Problems

What if fair trade could guarantee a fair wage for a beautiful product like coffee? Unfortunately, unintended fair trade coffee problems can hinder the coffee farmer’s long term future. But there is hope. There is a better way. How Does Fair Trade Work? Fair Trade International and Fair Trade USA organizations created what we know […]

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What the heck is cascara?

We have a special post from our friends at TripleBarCoffee.com. Tyler with Triple Bar Coffee has written a very informative piece on Cascara Tea — made from the fruit of the coffee cherry. In the last few years, a new buzzword has gained popularity in coffee/tea culture: “cascara”. You may be wondering, “What is this […]

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Bringing Convenience To Rural Nicaragua

Bringing Convenience To Rural Nicaragua Through hard work, a hand up from Agros, and some luck Rosario Calderon Garcia brought convenience to rural Nicaragua. Read her story below. Hard, physical work is nothing new to Rosario, 36. She joined her father in the fields of rural Nicaragua fulltime at age 17. “I’ve always been a […]

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Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua: Petronillo’s Story

Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua “Access to clean water is the biggest problem we have in Nicaragua,” Petronilo Lopez Diaz, the San Jose President says frankly. “In Nicaragua we have to bring clean water from a long way away and there are only three water points in the community for 29 families.” Getting Clean Water […]

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