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March’s Coffee of the Month – Brazil Dark and Medium Blend

Cupping Notes:
Our Brazilian coffee bean is definitely one of our best selling coffees. Both the Medium roast coffee and Dark Roast coffee are very popular with our customers. Our Brazil coffee has a bright caramel tone that seems to carry through both the medium and dark roasts and maintain its richness.

I usually recommend this coffee to people that don’t want to add sugar to their cup, yet would like a natural sweetness. Of course, coupled with that sweetness is a delicate nutty tone that holds the bottom of the cup and provides the medium/heavy body in your mouth.

Roast Notes:?
When our Brazilian Cerrado is roasted to a darker level, the bean develops a beautiful, dark brown color similar to the look of dark chocolate.The roast, while being similar in length to our medium roast, roasts hotter which brings the bean to a higher temperature in the same amount of time. This provides a similar brightness in the flavor while brings out the smoky characteristics many dark roast coffee drinkers enjoy.

Region Notes from
March’s Brazilian blend comes from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Cerrado means “closed” or “inaccessible” and has earned its nickname from the closed canopy of forest. Cerrado has earned a unique reputation as being one of the few areas in the world where fire and the surrounding environment have found a way to co-exist. Fire is constantly purging the land and putting nutrients back in the soil while the rest of area continues to flourish.

Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”

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