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February’s Coffee of the Month – Papua New Guinea Medium Roast

Our Papua New Guinea coffee (PNG) is one of our most popular coffees which is entirely understandable given its hints of cocoa. Our papua new guinea coffee has a medium to full body and is considered by many to be among the finest coffees in the world. Most of PNG’s arabica coffee comes from trees that were uprooted in Jamaica (Blue Mountain) and replanted in PNG.

Here’s some information on our Papua New Guinea coffee:
According to the Department of State’s website (click the link if you’d like to read all the in depth details on PNG), PNG is roughly the size of the state of California and has around 6.3 million people. It has three official languages (English, Tok Pisin, and Motu) as well as close to 860 other languages which plays a huge part in the overall fragmentation of the country and it’s people. Another topic of note is that PNG only has 49.3% literacy.

PNG is known as a country ripped in pieces by civil war, lawlessness and poverty. Yet in the last few years, thanks to many factors including sustainable coffee purchasing, Papua New Guinea has started down the road to recovering its economy and government corruption. It’s a long road ahead, but we have helped immensely and can continue to help just through responsible purchasing.

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Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”

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