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Honduras: A Range Of Flavor

Honduras: A Range of Flavor

In 2011, Honduras climbed to the top of coffee production in Central America. This is no small feat considering the challenges that coffee growers have faced. While coffee has been grown here since the 1800s, the industry struggled due to export issues and political problems. A lack of good shipping methods meant that most of the coffee produced was sold as locally as possible, thus commanding a lower price.

Time Investment

A typical coffee plantation in Honduras would take four years to reach a good level of production and up to seven years before it achieves good returns. Having to invest so much time and money into a plantation before seeing a return makes it hard for many to get started. In 1984, only 10% of the coffee produced was being sold outside of Honduras, highlighting the fact that lack of access to shipping and exports was still an issue fairly recently.

Coffee Tourism

There is no doubt that Honduras is a beautiful country. Many of the coffee farms offer tours and welcome guests to see how and where their coffee is produced. The highest quality Honduran coffees are grown under the shade of trees such as bananas, which provide a secondary crop for the farmer to sell. Shade-grown coffees are renowned for having a better flavor and being lower in acids, resulting in a more pleasant experience for drinkers.

A Better Economy

Honduras has struggled with its economy throughout history. The increase in coffee production and availability of shipping has allowed it to grow to be the largest producer in Central America. This injection of money has shown with an increased standard of living for more of the working class. Tourism has increased as coffee has caused more people to become aware of Honduras and all it has to offer. Better opportunities for disadvantaged people are being created thanks to informed consumers choosing fairly traded, organic coffee from Honduras.

Taste That Is In Demand

The finest Honduran coffees are sweet and mild so they make a good cup for drinking throughout the day. The dark rich soil of the rainforest is loaded with nutrients from the naturally decaying vegetation that grows below and above the coffee. Fertilizer isn’t necessary to grow great coffee, and if it is needed, only natural fertilizer is used. This makes Honduran coffee a great choice for those that seek organically produced coffees from sustainable farms.

Camano Island Coffee Roasters Honduras Roasts

Camano Island Coffee Roasters is offering shade grown and fairly traded organic Honduran coffee beans. These beans are used in our signature dark roast, as well as our highly popular Central American Blend, which combines our best beans from the region for a blend we are sure will become a favorite in your home or business. Dark Roasted Honduran coffee beans have flavors of molasses and spice making it a great coffee for fall or winter. Lovers of chai tea will also enjoy this unique coffee. Our Central American Blend is fruity and chocolatey, so you will want to enjoy this blend any time you want to indulge.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our wonderful coffees no matter where they live. Our coffee club offers the best coffee online with convenient shipments to your home or business. Check out our Coffee Lovers Club for details and choose the shipment size and delivery schedule that is right for you.

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Low Sugar White Chocolate Mocha Pie

Low Sugar White Chocolate Mocha Pie

Ok, I have to be honest… not many of the crew here got to enjoy this white chocolate mocha pie. *shhh… don’t tell*

My wife had this waiting for me when I ran home for lunch a couple days ago.  I ate lunch, was getting ready to run back to work… then she said “Oh, hey!  I have something special for you to try.”  That was all that was needed to get me to hang out a few minutes longer!

I gotta say, not only did it look SUPER good… but it tasted amazing!  As I was finishing my first piece, I started cleaning up my dish and silverware to start my journey back to work.

Then she stopped me again… (she knows how to keep me around longer!)

“So, I made this with sugar-free white chocolate pudding and fat-free cool whip.  I hope it tasted ok?”

Ok?  It was delicious!  I enjoyed a second piece (funny how that logic worked out for me).  Anyhow, enough of the story, here’s the how-to.


  1. -1 chocolate pie crust (8-inch)
  2. -1 1/4 cups cold milk
  3. -2 tablespoons of double-strength Honduras Dark Roast (from Camano Island Coffee of course)
  4. -2 packages of 4-serving, sugar-free, white chocolate flavor instant pudding
  5. -8 oz. Cool Whip, divided
  6. -2 Pinches of Cinnamon powder (for the top)


In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together milk and double strength Honduras Dark Roast coffee; add pudding mix and 1/2 (4oz) of the whipped topping. Beat until creamy and mixture becomes thick, about 1 minute. With a spatula, spread mixture in a prepared crust and top with the remaining whipped topping. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Just prior to serving, add the cinnamon lightly to the top.

Idea From: and modified for GOOD coffee and a couple other things:)

Hope you love this as much as I did (and two others at “The Roaster” – not naming names in case I get in trouble!)

By Dan Ericson

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Ordering Your Organic Holiday Blend Coffees!

Here is a preview of our seasonal Holiday Blends, available only in November & December!

Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend Midnight (Dark Roast)

Holiday Blend Swiss Water Process Decaf

Club Members: Because this is a seasonal coffee, we aren’t allowing you to add it to your club order from the website. It is available to add to your club, however! Just call or email our customer service department and we can take care of it for you!

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Holiday Blend Coffees – Dark, Medium, and Swiss Water Process Decaf

It’s that time again! We’re releasing our highly anticipated “Holiday Blend” coffees into the wild yet again. Now is your chance to grab our most popular coffees! Need a gift? Need coffee for yourself? Here at the “Roastery”, we don’t have the opportunity to talk too much about our Holiday Blend coffees before one of our prosumers take over and let everyone know how much they love them and why. It’s always fun to have such passionate support and these coffees ALWAYS instill that passion.

Well, enough chat… let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Holiday Blend:
Papua New Guinea – Light/Medium/Dark Blend
Our Papua New Guinea is such a popular coffee throughout the year. Around 6 years ago, Cristy came up with a great idea: “Since Papua New Guinea is so popular, we should do a special coffee for the Holidays that has a light, a medium, and a dark profile blended together. It’d be a great Holiday Brew!” Well, Cristy was right… and it’s been overwhelmingly popular from year to year!

Our Blog and Website both describe the Papua New Guinea bean as follows:

Sweet and medium-bodied, Papua New Guinea coffee is prized for its richness and crisp, clean finish. Subtle, yet distinct chocolaty tones make this light roast organic coffee a favorite among our customers. The Papua New Guinea coffee bean is versatile and makes a distinguished cup of morning coffee, as well as a smooth after dinner coffee served with dessert.

Holiday Blend Midnight
Brazil Dark Special Roast
Just a year after we first introduced our “Holiday Blend”, we decided to add another yummy coffee to our Holiday Lineup. We’d received a lot of feedback from customer requesting something a little darker for their Holiday Coffee. We cupped, tested, drank coffee, didn’t sleep at night, drank more coffee… Finally, after weeks of too much coffee and no sleep (only slightly joking…), we developed a special Brazil Dark Roast profile specifically for our Holiday Blend Midnight.

Our Blog and Website both describe the Brazil bean as follows:

Our Brazil is perhaps one of our most complex coffees. Its well defined caramel tones coupled with a finishing hint of spice give it a unique and addictive flavor. Rounding out the undertones of the coffee are nutty hints. Brazilian weather conditions are very unique and produce excellent Arabica naturals.

Holiday Blend SWP Decaf
Honduras Dark Roast SWP Decaf
Now two years after the birth of our Holiday Blend, we came to one big conclusion: Decaf drinkers were feeling left out! Of course we had two regular Holiday coffees, and it seemed natural we needed a decaf to add to the lineup. The original Holiday decaf was a Sumatra Dark Roast. A couple years later we introduced our new Honduras Dark Roast Decaf and instantly knew we had found the perfect fit for our Holiday lineup.

Our Blog and Website both describe the Honduras bean as follows:

Although Honduras is relatively new to high-end Arabica coffee, its soil, climate, and altitude are all perfect for coffee growing. Dark roast organic coffee from Honduras offers the perfect blend of rich molasses tones with slight hints of caramel and spice. This sustainable organic coffee has a pleasant brightness and a medium to heavy body to compliment the sweeter molasses and caramel tones.

So, there you have it. 3 great coffees for 2 fun-filled, eventful months!

I hope you enjoy them all!

“Coffee Guru”

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Coffee of the Month – July

Honduras Coffee and Brazil Coffee

Brazil has long been a popular morning coffee with its crisp caramel tones and its hints of nut and spice. Couple those characteristics with the rich Honduran coffee Molasses tones and you have quite the experience in a cup. This coffee has combinations of medium and dark roasts and brings a wonderful aromatic quality to the table as well as enjoyable flavor in each cup!

Our sister company, Espresso Americano is doing well in Honduras. We have over 150 espresso locations around Central America and they are all centered around our Tegucigalpa, Honduras headquarters. These honduras coffee shops give us a way to make a real connection with the people down there. We can use this to our advantage to help improve coffee growing, which in turn, helps the farmers grow a better product and make more in return.

Agros International currently has 3 villages in Honduras: Nuevo Amanecer, Brisas del Volcán, and Achotales. These villages, founded in 2004, 2006, and 2008 respectively, show Agros’ commitment to the areas it works in. In Nuevo Amanecer, Agros has moved into leadership development programs and adult literacy programs (among others). Agros works to further strengthen its existing partnership there. We’re proud that our honduras coffee is ethical coffee

Check out Wikipedia’s Honduras Page for more information.

Brazil has long been known for the best coffees around. While being the largest coffee exporter in the world, it is still a long ways off from being an ethical coffee growing country. Coffee, which is not a native plant of Brazil, has been responsible for much of Brazil’s deforestation. Yet in that devastation, many farmers are starting to turn to responsible growing. That’s why shade grown coffee is so important in coffee in brazil. We’re proud to have been supporting those farmers in producing ethical coffee for many years now.

Due to the depletion of the Rainforest in Brazil, many species of birds and other animals have become extinct or are facing extinction. “Bird Friendly” coffees have shown up with certifications by major US organizations. CICR is committed to only offering shade-grown coffees. These coffees sustain the delicate ecosystem that provides homes and food for many species of birds and animals. Another reason why shade grown coffee is so important.

For more information on Brazil, visit Wikipedia’s Brazil page.

This is a new blend for us and we hope you love it. It’s complex but has a distinctive sweetness from the blend of caramel and molasses tones. Indulge Yourself!

Dan – CICR

Want to try some free coffee? Click below!


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Coffee of the Month – May

Honduras Coffee
The perfect blend of rich molasses tones with slight hints of caramel and spice. Honduras is relatively new to high-end arabica coffees. Its soil, climate, and altitude are all perfect for coffee growing. This Honduras coffee has a pleasant brightness and a medium to heavy body to compliment the sweeter molasses and caramel tones. Our Honduras coffee is dark roasted coffee to bring out the fullest and best flavor!(This coffee is also available in Swiss Water Processed (SWP) Decaf in all available roast levels. Water processing coffee is the absolute best way to decaffeinate coffee, because it’s the safe decaf coffee.

Here’s some information on Honduras:
According to the Department of State’s Website (click this link to read more in-depth info. on Honduras), Honduras is slightly larger in size than Virginia with an area of 122,090 sq. km. Its capital city, Tegucigalpa has a population of just over 1,150,000 people and the overall population of Honduras is around 7.3 million people. The primary language spoken in Honduras is Spanish. Their main exports are Coffee, shrimp, bananas, palm oil, gold, zinc/lead concentrates, soap/detergents, melons, lobster, pineapple, sugar, lumber, and tobacco.

Our Honduras coffee is grown at altitudes above 4900 feet in rich volcanic soil. More importantly, we’ve formed partnerships with the farmers that grow this coffee through our purchasing and commitment to quality with Agros. We’ve been able to work there towards breaking the cycle of poverty! Our Honduras coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It’s also ethical coffee.

We hope you love this Rich Honduras Dark Roast as much as we do!

Dan – CICR