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Coffee of the Month – May

Honduras Coffee
The perfect blend of rich molasses tones with slight hints of caramel and spice. Honduras is relatively new to high-end arabica coffees. Its soil, climate, and altitude are all perfect for coffee growing. This Honduras coffee has a pleasant brightness and a medium to heavy body to compliment the sweeter molasses and caramel tones. Our Honduras coffee is dark roasted coffee to bring out the fullest and best flavor!(This coffee is also available in Swiss Water Processed (SWP) Decaf in all available roast levels. Water processing coffee is the absolute best way to decaffeinate coffee, because it’s the safe decaf coffee.

Here’s some information on Honduras:
According to the Department of State’s Website (click this link to read more in-depth info. on Honduras), Honduras is slightly larger in size than Virginia with an area of 122,090 sq. km. Its capital city, Tegucigalpa has a population of just over 1,150,000 people and the overall population of Honduras is around 7.3 million people. The primary language spoken in Honduras is Spanish. Their main exports are Coffee, shrimp, bananas, palm oil, gold, zinc/lead concentrates, soap/detergents, melons, lobster, pineapple, sugar, lumber, and tobacco.

Our Honduras coffee is grown at altitudes above 4900 feet in rich volcanic soil. More importantly, we’ve formed partnerships with the farmers that grow this coffee through our purchasing and commitment to quality with Agros. We’ve been able to work there towards breaking the cycle of poverty! Our Honduras coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It’s also ethical coffee.

We hope you love this Rich Honduras Dark Roast as much as we do!

Dan – CICR


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