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Honduras: A Range Of Flavor

Honduras: A Range of Flavor

In 2011, Honduras climbed to the top of coffee production in Central America. This is no small feat considering the challenges that coffee growers have faced. While coffee has been grown here since the 1800s, the industry struggled due to export issues and political problems. A lack of good shipping methods meant that most of the coffee produced was sold as locally as possible, thus commanding a lower price.

Time Investment

A typical coffee plantation in Honduras would take four years to reach a good level of production and up to seven years before it achieves good returns. Having to invest so much time and money into a plantation before seeing a return makes it hard for many to get started. In 1984, only 10% of the coffee produced was being sold outside of Honduras, highlighting the fact that lack of access to shipping and exports was still an issue fairly recently.

Coffee Tourism

There is no doubt that Honduras is a beautiful country. Many of the coffee farms offer tours and welcome guests to see how and where their coffee is produced. The highest quality Honduran coffees are grown under the shade of trees such as bananas, which provide a secondary crop for the farmer to sell. Shade-grown coffees are renowned for having a better flavor and being lower in acids, resulting in a more pleasant experience for drinkers.

A Better Economy

Honduras has struggled with its economy throughout history. The increase in coffee production and availability of shipping has allowed it to grow to be the largest producer in Central America. This injection of money has shown with an increased standard of living for more of the working class. Tourism has increased as coffee has caused more people to become aware of Honduras and all it has to offer. Better opportunities for disadvantaged people are being created thanks to informed consumers choosing fairly traded, organic coffee from Honduras.

Taste That Is In Demand

The finest Honduran coffees are sweet and mild so they make a good cup for drinking throughout the day. The dark rich soil of the rainforest is loaded with nutrients from the naturally decaying vegetation that grows below and above the coffee. Fertilizer isn’t necessary to grow great coffee, and if it is needed, only natural fertilizer is used. This makes Honduran coffee a great choice for those that seek organically produced coffees from sustainable farms.

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