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May 2011’s Coffee of the Month – Peru Light and Dark Roast

Our “Coffee of the Month” for May, 2011 is a wonderful blend of light and dark roasted Peruvian beans.

Country Notes:
One of the highest in elevation in the region, this Peru coffee bean has sweet, fruity tones that lend towards a naturally sweet cup. Our Peru is a light bodied coffee, which gives great flavor and taste to each cup. This coffee is great any time of the day and will complement every meal.

That description still holds true with this special blend of roasts. The only addition I would make to that description is the added amount of complexity from the combination of a Light Roast coffee and a Dark Roast coffee.

Peru Light Roast.jpeg

Roast Notes:
At CICR, we get so caught up in coffees that have a “strength” in flavor or provide the drinker with a “rich” cup of coffee, that the Peru often gets overlooked. Peru, while not having a super deep, dark flavor, has a wonderfully mellow tone and smooth taste. When I’m eating a meal, I want my coffee to taste great, but not compete with what I’m enjoying. The natural sweetness and subtle flavors of this Peru blend will complement any meal.


Peru Coffee: Peru Dark Roast.jpeg

Country Notes: Peru is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape. It is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. The estimated population of Peru is 30 million people (2011), and the two national languages are Spanish and Quechua. Peru is home to many people groups today and was the native land of the Incas.

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Enjoy this wonderfully subtle favorite!


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