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June’s Coffee of the Month – Peru Coffee Dark Roast – Camano Island …

peru coffee

peru coffeeCoffee is great all year long whether it’s hot or cold outside. The problem, however, is that sometimes you don’t want a hot cup of coffee when it is over 90 degrees outside. As an Arizona guy (grew up there), I find that hot weather makes iced drinks SO much better! That same hot weather also seems to make hot drinks harder to enjoy. Well, I’ve got the solution for you — our Peru coffee.

Well, I’ve got the solution for you! Our Peru coffee

Our Peru coffee — dark roasted is here to the rescue. The Peru coffee is literally the perfect summer coffee. It’s light bodied and refreshing yet packs a delicious flavor. Complete with subtle, gentle fruit tones and a slight smokiness, our Peru coffee makes a great hot beverage in the morning and will continue to be your perfect companion throughout the day by pouring it over ice!

peru coffeeIf you venture over to our coffee page, you’ll see that our Peru coffee is described as: “One of the highest in elevation in the region, this Peru bean has sweet, fruity tones that lend towards a naturally sweet cup. Our Peru coffee is our lightest bodied coffee which makes it a great choice for the coffee drinker that enjoys drinking lots of coffee yet doesn’t want to sacrifice in the flavor of the cup. This coffee is great anytime of the day and compliments many meals.”

At CICR, we get so caught up in coffees that have a “strength” in flavor or provide the drinker with a “rich” cup of coffee, that the Peru often gets overlooked. The Peru coffee, while not having that super heavy flavor, has a wonderfully mellow tone. We always market it as our “guzzling” coffee but it’s also a wonderful compliment to food. When I’m eating a meal, I want my coffee to taste great, but not compete with what I’m enjoying. This Peru’s natural sweetness only goes to compliment the meal rather than combat it.

Enjoy this wonderful summer coffee!

Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”

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  1. 102 degrees here in AZ right now! [Almost] unbearable. Let us know if you hear of any awesome job openings in Washington… 😉

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