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A Note From Jeff In Guatemala

Here I am standing at 8,000 feet above sea level. I’m struggling to catch my breathe after a long hike through this lush and green countryside. We stumble upon this peak in the Ixil region of Guatemala — the region where our farmers live. The farmers you’ve had a hand in helping. Here are just […]

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How Can You Brew the Best-Tasting Coffee?

  Did you know that coffee quality depends on a combination of factors? Having high quality, fresh beans of course helps. But clean, good-tasting water is also a must for the perfect cup, as well as clean equipment. There are even more brewing variables. You must keep the water at right temperature for the right […]

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The Art of Roasting Coffee and Why It Matters

  Taking raw green coffee beans and turning them into delectable roasted coffee is truly an art form. Different roasting techniques can have a big impact on your daily cup of Joe. The difference between mediocre coffee and amazing, knock-your-socks-off coffee comes from the quality of the bean used AND the roasting technique. At Camano […]

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