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Cold Brew Coffee – All The Flavor, None of The Acidity

Cold Brew Coffee – All The Flavor, None of the Acidity

We all know that coffee is one of the world’s most favorite drinks, and getting a cup of it into your system every morning is probably already one of your most looked forward to activities. So wouldn’t it be great if you could extract even more flavor out of your cup every day, reduce the acidity levels and even reduce the bitterness?

Not only are all of the above possible, but you can get more out of your best liquid thanks to one of the earmarked 2016 coffee trends: cold brew coffee. The good news is you don’t even need to head to your nearest coffee shop to give it a try — you can make it right at home.

Here are a few of the surprising benefits of cold brew coffee.

The Taste

Even coffee drinkers who take their brew with loads of milk and sugar will love cold brew coffee because the beans are brewed with cold water instead of hot, bringing out a sweeter flavor in the roast. The cold water along with the unique brewing process changes the chemical profile of the coffee beans, resulting in a sweet tasting cup of deliciousness.

If you’ve been looking for a coffee that doesn’t need a ton of sugar, this is one of the 2016 coffee trends you have to try. A lot of people enjoy cold brew without the flavoring. Try it with syrups or fruit juices or just sip it plain black. Experiment with it to discover which you enjoy best.

The Acidity

A lot of people avoid normal coffee as it’s just too acidic for them. Those people tend to suffer from different digestion and stomach issues. While there certainly are low-acid coffees on the market, they don’t taste as great as good, organic fairly traded, coffee should. Cold brewed coffee tends to be naturally low in acids owing to the way it’s brewed.

Since hot water is not used, the coffee’s oils that usually contain all the acid aren’t permeated into the mixture as much as they normally would be with a hot brew. This makes cold brew coffee gentler on the stomach as well as the digestive system. Most coffee has up to 65% less acid when brewed cold.

The Variety

If you’ve been wanting to enjoy a low acid variety, you’ve probably only had a few choices available. Those coffee beans can be hard to find, especially at a regular grocery store. With cold brewing, you can brew any coffee you desire. So you can try out different kinds that you’ve been avoiding just because of the high acidity. It’s also a lot of fun trying different flavors to see how they compare when cold brewed as opposed to hot brewed.

The Cost

Coffee is a massive industry, raking up billions of dollars a year, particularly when it comes to home brewing devices. Instead of splashing cash on a fancy machine, try cold brewing at home for just the cost of a cup of drip coffee. In our Coffee Lovers Club members can brew a cup of coffee at home for as low as $.20 per cup.

The Simplicity

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to make cold brew coffee on your own. All you need is coffee, water and the correct tools to make it happen. Even if you do decide to invest in a cold brew machine, it’s really easy to use as it doesn’t pull electricity or sport fancy features that need figuring out. Coffee brewed cold is tasty, simple and easy to try.

Want to make your own cold brew coffee? Check out our cold brewed Chemex tutorial here

Get With The Trend

If you’re looking to try 2016 coffee trends, try cold brewing. We offer packets of low acidity Organic Fairly Traded Coffee that’s just as delicious cold-brewed as it is hot-brewed.

Want to give cold brew a try? Try our Coffee Lover’s Club and get your first pound FREE. Click here to learn more.

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