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Thank You for Your Generosity!

At Camano Island Coffee Roasters we are blessed to have a 97% retention rate of our Coffee Lover’s Club members. We have many loyal customers that understand that their ethical coffee purchases can really help change the world.

Recently, we had a member who had to cancel their membership after more than five years of receiving our coffee. When we heard the news of their job loss, we were all saddened that a “family” member was in financial pain. Then, to our surprise, another customer stepped forward and purchased coffee to send them as a gift. Once more we were reminded that we really do have the most charitable customers on earth and that coffee is not a product but a force that can create change both here in the US and around the world.

All of us here at Camano Island Coffee Roasters want all of our customers to know how much we appreciate them. Each one of you could buy coffee from many places, but you have chosen to purchase coffee from a company that is striving to be a good steward of your dollars.

Thank you for your loyalty – even in these tough economic times. We all wait for the things to change, but our work needs to be done regardless of the state of the US economy. Without each of you, we would not be able to continue in our goal of creating sustainable change for our “third-world” families.

Jeff – CICR


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Giving More in Turbulant Times

Recently we announced a price change for our Coffee Lover’s Club.

I didn’t say price increase, a notion people are becoming more and more familiar with lately. We did not raise coffee prices but, instead, reconfigured the way each of our customers would receive their coffee. This decision was reached after more than six months of internal debate. The only “sacred” issues to us were our customers, our villages, and the quality of our coffee.

After five years of NOT changing our coffee lover’s club program in spite of postal increases, higher operating costs and increased green coffee prices, we were forced to act or risk losing years of progress in improving the lives of our farmers in third world countries. As it turned out, the solution was much simpler than we thought. By adding a half pound of coffee to each shipment, our per ounce price could remain the same and we would be able to absorb the increased costs involved in our program over these past five years.

One of the suggestions that has been made over the years has been to allow churches, businesses and “heavy” coffee drinkers (like me!) to also participate in the “Coffee Lover’s Club”. Because of the demand we’ve also decided to introduce the “Coffee Lover’s Club – Wholesale” program. We now are able to offer larger volume buyers of our coffee a better price by buying in 5 pound increments.

As it turns out, the dilemma of raising prices never had to happen and as usual, the solution was not only more positive for our Coffee Lover’s Club members but it provided more orders for our farmers. This time, we were able to create a “win-win” for everyone involved and add a feature for the large volume buyers of coffee to boot!

Thanks to everyone who supports our mission and special thanks to those that share their coffee with a friend and tell the Camano Island Coffee story. Remember when someone joins the Coffee Lover’s Club and mentions your name, you get your next shipment free of charge! This has been the most effective way for us to grow over these last 8 years and has been a popular “Thank You” gift for our members.

We appreciate your support. We realize that without you, we could not continue to provide the services that we do for our coffee growing families.

Jeff – CICR


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Will Work for Change

“How can we be a part of CICR’s mission?”

This is a daily question we hear from churches and non-profit organizations. The answer is simple… Quit asking for donations and start providing something of value while telling the CICR story of “creating change while doing good“.

We have many groups that are creating latte drinks as a fundraiser and even more that are making Frozen X-plosion at fairs, festivals, and events while telling customers that they are willing to work to create change in the world around them.

Gone are the days where you can hold your hand out and be showered with money from heaven. The same principal of working for our rewards is now becoming prevalent in the charitable industry. When we work for our money, we become better stewards of where that money goes. It seems like a new idea but it’s been around forever.

We get hundreds of calls a month asking for a donation for worthy causes around the world. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get inspired to make our own money for charity!? At CICR we say “We make the fuel that runs the engine of change”. We don’t know how to go to third-world countries and teach people to get in control of their destinies but we do know how to roast great, ethical coffee and sell it. When we sell coffee, we create a few more drops of fuel that can keep the Agros engine running longer.

In closing, I’d like to make this challenge to you…

  • Let’s ALL get inspired to take on the challenge of sustainability.
  • Lets NOT create problems by being irresponsible in our purchasing in order to save a little money here and there and alleviate our consciences by throwing that extra money we saved at a charity.
  • Let’s CREATE CHANGE through responsible purchasing and sharing that same message with others.

Together, with hard work, we really can save the world!

Jeff – CICR


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Give a man a fish: Redefining Charity in the 21st Century.

give a man a fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. We’ve all heard this saying. We’ve also heard, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Here at CICR we like to take this saying a step further. Let me show you.

“Give a man a fish? What if he could own the pond?

Western culture’s concept of charity is generally “Give a man a fish.” Some take this a step further, and “Teach a man to fish.”

Here at CICR, we’re a little more entrepreneurial than that. We want to, “Teach the man to own the pond!” If a man owns the pond he not only changes his life but the lives of his children and grandchildren. Land-ownership eliminates poverty — generationally.

Owning the pond: Sustainable Agriculture.
give a man a fish

Through our partnership with Agros we can help the man own the pond. Agros provides land-ownership programs to farmers in developing countries. Now, before you ask, Agros doesn’t just give them the land. No way. That’s “Give a man a fish.” That’s not sustainable. Instead Agros provides the financing to purchase the land — at low interest or no interest at all. Within 7 years whole villages of farmers have “deed burning” parties — celebrating their status as landowners.

As Agros supporters, we’ve seen the entrepreneurial results of dollars invested in these communities. It’s amazing to see how so much can be accomplished with so little. Check out to see for yourself.

While giving a person money is generous, it is not always wise. When you help people with the proper training and give them the opportunity to own their own land -watch out! The human spirit takes over and change happens!

But What Has This Got To Do With Ethical Coffee?

Give a man a fishFor every shipment of coffee we send out we give $1 back to Agros. By giving to Agros with every shipment we tie this model of charity directly to you — the consumer. You become part of this process. With something as simple and beautiful as a cup of coffee you can be a part of redefining charity in the 21st century. With every sip you generationally change farmer’s lives. That’s ethical coffee!

That’s why we would love for you to be a part of the process. Let’s face it. You’re going to buy coffee anyway. Why not be a part of a greater movement. Don’t just write a check during the Holidays! That’s like “Give a man a fish.” Be a part of sustainable agriculture in the developing world — “Teach him to own the pond!”

Thank you for your help!

Jeff – CICR

Want to do more than “Give a man a fish?”

Click below and we’ll send you a sample of free coffee to get you started.

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Do Ethics Matter in Business?

Do ethics matter

Do ethics matter After 8 years as President of Camano Island Coffee Roasters I am convinced that the goal of every business is to listen to their “community”, give their “customers” what they ask for, and enrich the “communities” they are a part of.

At CICR, each one our customers or “prosumers” as we call them, supports what we are doing by purchasing our ethical coffee. Our community is the thousands of people we roast for, the many churches, schools, and businesses who buy from us, as well as the countries around the globe we send product to. Without you, we could not help support the 39 villages who are now on the path to sustainability. We know these great people are the most important link in the coffee chain.

Do ethics matter?

We are asked by many, why it matters where they purchase their coffee from. They may add that they already give money to charity and they don’t need to worry about issues like charity when buying their coffee. Our current US economic climate proves my point. We must end the climate of welfare, both for the people and for business.

Do Ethics matter? Let’s look at the results.

True success comes when people are given the tools necessary to own their own destiny and the education necessary to be self reliant (and not have money thrown at them). Why wouldn’t everyone be responsible with their coffee purchases knowing that a fair price is being paid to the farmers who actually do the work?

All we need to do is help these hardworking people secure the money for their land, help them in organizing their village, and pay them a fair price for growing organic, shade-grown coffee. With the right amount of work and a little time, we will end this worldwide cycle of welfare and begin working in true partnerships with our “prosumers” around the globe and our farmers. Then we can enjoy a safe cup of ethical coffee and know that everyone benefited from our purchase.

Ethics DO matter in business; ethics also matter here at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. That’s why we say that at CICR, we only sell “Coffee that helps you sleep at night”.

Please check out for more info on the sustainable change we are a part of.

Jeff – CICR

Do ethics matter