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Thank You for Your Generosity!

At Camano Island Coffee Roasters we are blessed to have a 97% retention rate of our Coffee Lover’s Club members. We have many loyal customers that understand that their ethical coffee purchases can really help change the world.

Recently, we had a member who had to cancel their membership after more than five years of receiving our coffee. When we heard the news of their job loss, we were all saddened that a “family” member was in financial pain. Then, to our surprise, another customer stepped forward and purchased coffee to send them as a gift. Once more we were reminded that we really do have the most charitable customers on earth and that coffee is not a product but a force that can create change both here in the US and around the world.

All of us here at Camano Island Coffee Roasters want all of our customers to know how much we appreciate them. Each one of you could buy coffee from many places, but you have chosen to purchase coffee from a company that is striving to be a good steward of your dollars.

Thank you for your loyalty – even in these tough economic times. We all wait for the things to change, but our work needs to be done regardless of the state of the US economy. Without each of you, we would not be able to continue in our goal of creating sustainable change for our “third-world” families.

Jeff – CICR


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