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Do Ethics Matter in Business?

Do ethics matter

Do ethics matter After 8 years as President of Camano Island Coffee Roasters I am convinced that the goal of every business is to listen to their “community”, give their “customers” what they ask for, and enrich the “communities” they are a part of.

At CICR, each one our customers or “prosumers” as we call them, supports what we are doing by purchasing our ethical coffee. Our community is the thousands of people we roast for, the many churches, schools, and businesses who buy from us, as well as the countries around the globe we send product to. Without you, we could not help support the 39 villages who are now on the path to sustainability. We know these great people are the most important link in the coffee chain.

Do ethics matter?

We are asked by many, why it matters where they purchase their coffee from. They may add that they already give money to charity and they don’t need to worry about issues like charity when buying their coffee. Our current US economic climate proves my point. We must end the climate of welfare, both for the people and for business.

Do Ethics matter? Let’s look at the results.

True success comes when people are given the tools necessary to own their own destiny and the education necessary to be self reliant (and not have money thrown at them). Why wouldn’t everyone be responsible with their coffee purchases knowing that a fair price is being paid to the farmers who actually do the work?

All we need to do is help these hardworking people secure the money for their land, help them in organizing their village, and pay them a fair price for growing organic, shade-grown coffee. With the right amount of work and a little time, we will end this worldwide cycle of welfare and begin working in true partnerships with our “prosumers” around the globe and our farmers. Then we can enjoy a safe cup of ethical coffee and know that everyone benefited from our purchase.

Ethics DO matter in business; ethics also matter here at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. That’s why we say that at CICR, we only sell “Coffee that helps you sleep at night”.

Please check out for more info on the sustainable change we are a part of.

Jeff – CICR

Do ethics matter