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The 4 Best Gifts This Holiday Season (and why they matter)

The 4 Best Gifts This Holiday Season (and why they matter)

With each Holiday season that approaches, I find it increasingly hard to figure out that perfect gift for the people that mean the most in my life (my wife, my mother, my family…). Professionally, there are many I do business with and I want these people to know how much I appreciate them too. So, this year, I built a list of the things that matter most to me when giving a gift to my loved ones. I thought you might be able to use this list for your gift-giving too.

1. Give Something That’s Good for Them

When someone gives me a gift of scrumptious junk food, my reaction is almost polarizing. On one hand, that chocolate, peppermint bark tastes amazing and I thoroughly enjoy it (typically eating it all on the same day I receive it). On the other hand, I know that with each bite of that sugary delight, I’m putting something in my body that may not be healthy to consume. When I give a gift, I want to make sure that it is both delicious and perfectly healthy for the person that will receive it.

2. Give Something That Actually Works

Of course, with each Holiday, I want to make sure my gift is the best possible quality. When I purchase that special necklace for my wife only to find out it broke a month later because the chain was low quality, I am embarrassed and feel like I failed her. I want my gift to show there is more than a passing thought; I want it to be perfect!

3. Give Something This Is Enjoyable AND Makes a Difference

Often times, members of my family will purchase a ‘donation’ in the name of a family member. I think I’ve given a group of goats to someone at least once and a few cans of worms. The problem is that the gift – although meaningful and necessary – can be easily forgotten. For me, the perfect gift would be a combination of changing the world and something for your loved one to enjoy.

4. Give Something That Will Last Past the Holidays

This may be something many don’t think about. Why should we spend a lot of money up front on that friend or family member and then forget about them through the rest of the year? I’d rather send a gift that continues to give my love throughout the year. Giving a subscription will remind that loved one of how much they mean to you year-round.

At Camano Island Coffee, it’s imperative that your gift is perfect because honestly, it’s important to us too. We hand package the top 1% of the world’s available coffee and ship it JUST after roasting to ensure your loved one is receiving fresh coffee beans that make the best coffee in the world. Our USDA certified organic coffee guarantees healthy coffee that’s also full of antioxidants. With the Coffee Lover’s Club you can also give back because, with every shipment, our company donates a dollar back to the farmers who cultivate our coffee. This helps to create sustainability while breaking the generational bonds of poverty. On top of all of that, a gift of our Coffee Lover’s Club coffee subscription will continue to shower that important person in your life with love long after the Holidays have ended.

I honestly believe our Coffee Lover’s Club will be the best gift your loved one has ever received as it combines all four of the aspects of perfect gifts above into one amazingly great package.  This is why I say that our Coffee Lover’s Club is the 4 best gifts this holiday season… all in one package.

We have two options available for Coffee Lover’s Club gift orders:

1 – Set up a normal coffee lover’s club order by signing up for a club and adding your friend or family member as the recipient –

2 – Purchase a pre-determined gift subscription in increments of 3, 6, 9, and 12 shipments.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas!

Dan Ericson

Head Roaster – Camano Island Coffee

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Thoughtful, Easy Holiday Coffee Gifts

As the Holidays are upon us and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or any of the other holidays – many of you are probably scrambling to find that perfect gift for your loved one.  You want that gift to say, “I’m thinking about you and I want to give you something that shows that thoughtfulness!”

Here’s why a gift of the Top 1% of the world’s coffee is not only thoughtful, but one of the best possible holiday coffee gifts to give during the holiday season…

It’s the BEST tasting coffee your loved one will have ever tasted.  Yes, this is a bold claim.  We whole-heartedly believe and back it.

It’s the HEALTHIEST coffee you can buy.

Our Coffee Lover’s Club gives a gift BEYOND a one time Holiday coffee gift.  In other words, with our Coffee Lover’s Club, you can buy a gift now and have that gift continue on long after the Holidays are over because it is subscription coffee.  Your recipient will receive: The Top 1% of coffee, fresh roasted, shipped to their door!  You’ll receive special “Member Direct Pricing” that includes Free Shipping as well as piece of mind in knowing that your gift will be well-received.

You’re doing something GREAT for others.  As always, our coffee supports a greater cause – helping third-world coffee farmers achieve sustainability through our commitment to ethical coffee.  Not only do we commit to paying fair prices for our beans, but our support of Agros International takes it to a completely different level!

A gift of the best, healthy coffee that is  lasting due to the coffee club can mean a lot.  Ultimately, the gift’s value is in the thoughtfulness behind the reasons you purchased it. How many coffee drinkers do you know?  Chances are, quite a few.

So setup a Coffee Lover’s Club order for your loved one – it comes with FREE SHIPPING through December 15th!

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More Control Over Your Account

We’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback on our website and account management system online. Behind the scenes, we’ve had a team working hard to implement many changes these last couple months. Finally, we are happy to announce that we’ve completely revamped the Coffee Lover’s Club account page.

Our customers have asked to be able to see their order history. We’ve now added a link called “Manage Account and View Order History” which allows our customers to view a full list of their past orders (both club orders and individual orders)! Another question we’ve run into very frequently is: “How do I change my password on my account?” Until now, only we could do that for you. Finally, we’ve added this functionality into our system!

Lastly, we’ve found that when our customers tell others about our company, our mission, and our coffee, their friends want to become a part of it all. In the past, they’ve had to call and tell us the name of the friend that referred them (since we give a free shipment for each referral!) That was a long process that was confusing to our customers. Now, on the account page, there is a link that allows you to refer up to 3 friends or family members at a time. This can be used as often as you want (you don’t have to stop at three) to refer friends to us. It’s also a smart system and will let us know that you referred that friend to us if they join our club, making the whole process easy and quick!

So, log in to your account when you have time and explore the new features and options available to you! Feel free to send any feedback or comments to and we’ll read each and every one to make sure we’re taking the best care of our customers as possible!

Thank you for creating continuing change with us!



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Giving More in Turbulant Times

Recently we announced a price change for our Coffee Lover’s Club.

I didn’t say price increase, a notion people are becoming more and more familiar with lately. We did not raise coffee prices but, instead, reconfigured the way each of our customers would receive their coffee. This decision was reached after more than six months of internal debate. The only “sacred” issues to us were our customers, our villages, and the quality of our coffee.

After five years of NOT changing our coffee lover’s club program in spite of postal increases, higher operating costs and increased green coffee prices, we were forced to act or risk losing years of progress in improving the lives of our farmers in third world countries. As it turned out, the solution was much simpler than we thought. By adding a half pound of coffee to each shipment, our per ounce price could remain the same and we would be able to absorb the increased costs involved in our program over these past five years.

One of the suggestions that has been made over the years has been to allow churches, businesses and “heavy” coffee drinkers (like me!) to also participate in the “Coffee Lover’s Club”. Because of the demand we’ve also decided to introduce the “Coffee Lover’s Club – Wholesale” program. We now are able to offer larger volume buyers of our coffee a better price by buying in 5 pound increments.

As it turns out, the dilemma of raising prices never had to happen and as usual, the solution was not only more positive for our Coffee Lover’s Club members but it provided more orders for our farmers. This time, we were able to create a “win-win” for everyone involved and add a feature for the large volume buyers of coffee to boot!

Thanks to everyone who supports our mission and special thanks to those that share their coffee with a friend and tell the Camano Island Coffee story. Remember when someone joins the Coffee Lover’s Club and mentions your name, you get your next shipment free of charge! This has been the most effective way for us to grow over these last 8 years and has been a popular “Thank You” gift for our members.

We appreciate your support. We realize that without you, we could not continue to provide the services that we do for our coffee growing families.

Jeff – CICR


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New is a great thing!

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted a blog post. This is just a note to let you know that we’re still here and have many exciting things coming. We’ve diverted a lot of our focus (temporarily!) from the blog to the many new and exciting changes coming to you soon!

Here’s a sneak peak:

1.) Coffee Conversation Cards go online! – Our popular club inserts will no longer be using unnecessary paper and taking up unnecessary room in your box. All of our customers will be able to see it on our blog and Facebook as well as opt in to receive it via email.
2.) New Email Newsletter – Our Customers can now opt to receive a monthly newsletter updating them on happenings at CICR as well as Agros Village updates and news pertaining to the effectiveness of your support for these third-world farmers.
3.) A 5lb. Coffee Lover’s Club “Wholesale” option – Receive your favorite coffee in bulk and receive great pricing. In a time where many are having to raise their prices, we’re trying to find ways to keep our prices where they are and yet find ways to continually give back to the farmers. – Starts May 1st

Note: Our Coffee Lover’s Club Wholesale option has been changed slightly since the original posting of this article.  Our new options can be found here.

and more!

Be sure that your account information with us is up to date to receive the latest newsletters and notices. You’re welcome to email the information to us at, call us toll-free at 866-387-JAVA (5282), or send us mail at:

Camano Island Coffee Roasters
ATTN: Customer Service
848 N. Sunrise Blvd. Building B
Camano Island, WA 98282

Also, Twitter users can always send us “tweets” in either a public reply or a direct message with account updates, questions, comments, or anything else you find useful. (we do caution you, however, on sending out personal information that you wouldn’t want others to see regardless of direct or public messaging)

Our blog posts will continue next week on a new schedule and with new information.

Thanks to the greatest coffee drinkers in the world!


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Coffee Page is finished!

Medium Roast Tour

We’ve now added our full coffee lineup to the “Coffee” link at the top. Now you can get the most up to date information on our entire coffee offering list. We’ll be rewriting the descriptions for all of our coffees as well as offer a lot more information! Does a coffee sound good to you? Click the [+]More link and you can add it to your club order or just purchase it one time… quickly!

Also we’ve launched links to our companies on the sidebar and added a google map to our “about us” section.  There is still work to be done… but there is a great chance we’ll be announcing the site as live in just a few days!

Keep watching… MUCH more to come!

Get into your coffee…