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Coffee Page is finished!

Medium Roast Tour

We’ve now added our full coffee lineup to the “Coffee” link at the top. Now you can get the most up to date information on our entire coffee offering list. We’ll be rewriting the descriptions for all of our coffees as well as offer a lot more information! Does a coffee sound good to you? Click the [+]More link and you can add it to your club order or just purchase it one time… quickly!

Also we’ve launched links to our companies on the sidebar and added a google map to our “about us” section.  There is still work to be done… but there is a great chance we’ll be announcing the site as live in just a few days!

Keep watching… MUCH more to come!

Get into your coffee…


2 thoughts on “Coffee Page is finished!

  1. Hello / Sir 
            My Name is Mr Mark Kenny I am interested in ordering some ( Unroasted Coffee Beans ) Get Back to Me, here with the types,designs including prices so we can go from There. Thank you and your soonest response will be highly appreciated. Me with the Method Of Payment you accept, Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you with a Quote on the Boxes and the Method of Payments you Accept. Best Regards

    Thank you.
    Mr Mark Kenny

    1. Hi Mark,

      We do not sell our green beans. If you are looking for beans for home roasting we recommend



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