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Will Work for Change

“How can we be a part of CICR’s mission?”

This is a daily question we hear from churches and non-profit organizations. The answer is simple… Quit asking for donations and start providing something of value while telling the CICR story of “creating change while doing good“.

We have many groups that are creating latte drinks as a fundraiser and even more that are making Frozen X-plosion at fairs, festivals, and events while telling customers that they are willing to work to create change in the world around them.

Gone are the days where you can hold your hand out and be showered with money from heaven. The same principal of working for our rewards is now becoming prevalent in the charitable industry. When we work for our money, we become better stewards of where that money goes. It seems like a new idea but it’s been around forever.

We get hundreds of calls a month asking for a donation for worthy causes around the world. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get inspired to make our own money for charity!? At CICR we say “We make the fuel that runs the engine of change”. We don’t know how to go to third-world countries and teach people to get in control of their destinies but we do know how to roast great, ethical coffee and sell it. When we sell coffee, we create a few more drops of fuel that can keep the Agros engine running longer.

In closing, I’d like to make this challenge to you…

  • Let’s ALL get inspired to take on the challenge of sustainability.
  • Lets NOT create problems by being irresponsible in our purchasing in order to save a little money here and there and alleviate our consciences by throwing that extra money we saved at a charity.
  • Let’s CREATE CHANGE through responsible purchasing and sharing that same message with others.

Together, with hard work, we really can save the world!

Jeff – CICR


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