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April’s Coffee of the Month – Guatopia!


Guatemalan Coffee and Ethiopian Coffee = Guatopia

It’s Back!  Last Year we debuted our “Guatopia” for the April coffee of the month and it was a HIT with our prosumers!  So for April, exactly 1 year later, we’ve brought this fun blend back.  Get it while you can for April because when May hits, it disappears until next time!  You can add it to your Coffee Lover’s Club order or you can purchase it as a one time order for yourself or a friend. Click Here to go directly to our website and order some now!

Note: If you’re reading this post after April just order our Guatemalan medium roast coffee and our Ethiopian Reserve coffee. Then blend them together 50/50.

coffee of the month

Bean Notes:

The pleasant blueberry tones of our Ethiopian coffee begin this flavor experience as you take the first sip.  Once your mouth fills with the syrupy body of this blend, you’ll notice a subtle, well-balanced nuttiness and a slight hint of fruity sweetness.  Finally, you’ll enjoy the slight citrus note in the finish, which will leave you longing for more

Roast Notes:

This Guatemala coffee is slightly darker than our other medium roasts, and on our scale of roasting, it rates just below a dark roast.  This Ethiopia coffee, on the other hand, is more of a medium roast coffee or light roast coffee. The differences in the two roasts are what make this one of the best coffees in seattle.

Country Notes:

coffee of the month

Our wonderful Trapichitos Guatemalan coffee has more than a great flavor to it. It’s the first coffee CICR has carried that has a direct connection to our relationship with Agros. Check out this link to read about Agros’ work in Trapichitos. The country of Guatemala is bordered by Mexico to the North, Belize to the Northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the Southeast. It is known for having some of the most desirable coffees in the Americas with its high elevation coffees being among the hardest beans available (dense coffee is GOOD coffee).

See our Guatemala Medium Roast coffee on our Website: Click Here

coffee of the month

Our Ethiopian coffee is one of our two current reserve coffees. The reserves are harder coffees for us to come by for one reason or another. We offer them because they add a flavor nuance to our coffee offering list that our other coffees miss. The Ethiopian coffee is among my favorite coffee choices as it has an extremely distinct blueberry tone that really gives this coffee a uniqueness all to itself.

See our Ethiopia Reserve on our Website: Click Here