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Finishing Touches

The site has come along smoothly and we’re nearing the official launch.  We’ve added the “Global” tab to show the connections around the world that CICR has and help our prosumers understand the global reach of their purchasing.  We’ve also get the “About CICR” page ready for launch (with many more immediate ideas coming soon)!

Time to clean up the bugs… and then it’s time to invite everyone to “Get into their coffee…”


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Coffee Page is finished!

Medium Roast Tour

We’ve now added our full coffee lineup to the “Coffee” link at the top. Now you can get the most up to date information on our entire coffee offering list. We’ll be rewriting the descriptions for all of our coffees as well as offer a lot more information! Does a coffee sound good to you? Click the [+]More link and you can add it to your club order or just purchase it one time… quickly!

Also we’ve launched links to our companies on the sidebar and added a google map to our “about us” section.  There is still work to be done… but there is a great chance we’ll be announcing the site as live in just a few days!

Keep watching… MUCH more to come!

Get into your coffee…


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Photos and Movies are Live!

Our photos and movies pages are LIVE!  More will be added frequently but for now, go check out what we have.

Coming up next…

The Coffee and Links tabs!


The “mystery section” and the CICR Team!

For those of you watching the progress, thank you for following us so soon!  Please check back frequently as this site will update very rapidly!


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Get Into Your Coffee…

Welcome to our blog!  “Get Into Your Coffee…” is a new phrase you will start to see more and more around here, our Facebook site, our Tweets, our YouTube videos… and many other places!

In case you aren’t seeing a trend, we’re putting our message out in the open.  We’re inviting our customers, supporters, “groupies”, and people who are interested to “Get Into Your Coffee…” and dare to see the world that is around each cup of brew you drink.  The look isn’t corporate, nor is the way we maintain these pages.  This is community.  This is passion.

Have fun in the immersion…

Camano Island Coffee Roasters 
When Coffee is Your Passion.