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Coffee that will make you move!

I read this article on Engadget and wanted to share it with our Coffee drinkers… it’s funny and a lot of fun to watch.

“A robot barista-filled future may still be a long ways off, but it looks like you may just be answering to a machine of another sort for your coffee sooner than you think — at least if Douwe Egberts has its way. While it’s still a concept, the company’s so-called BeMoved coffee machine promises to finally bring the disparate worlds of hot beverages and motion control together at last, and do nothing short of raise “human interaction with a coffee machine to a higher level” in the process. Because, really, you can never truly feel close to a coffee machine until it’s taunted you to jump up and down to fill your cup of joe. Of course, you can also do some slightly more practical things like tailor your coffee exactly the way you like using the massive touchscreen, and even check up on the weather and news while you wait. No word on any test markets just yet, but folks can apparently check out the concept first-hand at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this week — or simply head on past the break for a video.”


Engadget is a great blog for the technology geeks out there. The section above in quotes was taken directly from them as a quote. I highly recommend reading their blog and I watch their posts daily.

Enjoy! Dan – CICR



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Get Into Your Coffee…

Welcome to our blog!  “Get Into Your Coffee…” is a new phrase you will start to see more and more around here, our Facebook site, our Tweets, our YouTube videos… and many other places!

In case you aren’t seeing a trend, we’re putting our message out in the open.  We’re inviting our customers, supporters, “groupies”, and people who are interested to “Get Into Your Coffee…” and dare to see the world that is around each cup of brew you drink.  The look isn’t corporate, nor is the way we maintain these pages.  This is community.  This is passion.

Have fun in the immersion…

Camano Island Coffee Roasters 
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