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February’s Coffee of the Month – Brazil coffee

brazil coffee

Last month’s coffee of the month (Guatemala Light/Medium) was a big hit with many of our customers. For some it’s a great coffee to drink once in a while for a treat and for others (like myself) it’s the coffee they usually turn to when they think of coffee in general.

brazil coffeeThis month’s coffee is another one of my personal favorites. Our Brazil coffee is the fastest growing in popularity of our coffees. We introduced it a couple years ago and ever since it’s been on a steady incline towards the #1 coffee at CICR (the only coffee it has left to take over is our ever-so-popular Papua New Guinea coffee). This medium roast coffee is perhaps our most complex bean offering a bright caramel overtone with a soft, nutty base. Its awesome flavor is rounded off with a hint of spice creating an extremely enjoyable brew.

Coupled with the Aeropress (below in Cristy’s gift selection), this makes a superb cup of coffee (of course it’s awesome no matter how you brew it). Cristy and I both enjoyed many Aeropress-ed americano’s and lattes with the Brazil Medium Roast bean.

Regardless of how you brew it, enjoy one of the finest organic beans to come out of Brazil for the month of February!

Dan – CICR


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