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Success is More Than Money

Success is More Than Money

During frequent small talk between customers and us, inevitably the questions come up: “How’s business? Are you feeling the recession? Are you keeping busy?”

We are always happy to say that we are indeed thriving amidst this slow economic time. Part of this is due to the local events that encourage visitors onto Camano Island and the surrounding areas. A few weeks ago CICR held a geo-caching kickstart party for over 100 local geo-cachers, which was catered by Westside Pizza. Another great attraction to our area is the Great Northwest Glass Quest that started towards the beginning of the month and continues until this Sunday, February 28. Several local businesses are participating in this treasure hunt and it is attracting people of all ages from all over Washington.

That said, we do not judge our success by the profit that we make but by the lives we change. People are recognizing the value of supporting a company that creates change through their purchases. Our “Prosumers” realize that by spending their “coffee money” at Camano Island Coffee Roasters, they are not just purchasing  healthy coffee but also providing the coffee farmers a way to continue growing a quality crop on land that they own and can pass on to future generations.

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  1. This line was brilliant: “we do not judge our success by the profit that we make but by the lives we change.”

    The world would be a better place if more companies would take that same vantage point.

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