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April’s Coffee of the Month 2010 – Guatemala Medium Roast and Ethiopia Reserve

Last month we brought back a yearly favorite, our blend of Papua New Guinea and Sumatra. We call it “PapuaMatra.”  For April’s coffee of the month, we’re bringing you another coffee blend that received quite a warm welcome last year.

“Introducing the Coffee of the Month: Guatetopia!”

April’s coffee of the month, our Guatetopian coffee, is a fun melding of our Guatemalan coffee with our Ethiopian coffee. Our Ethiopian brings a distinct blueberry-like fruitiness to the combo while the Guatemalan rounds the flavor with a steady base and a slight citrus tone. It’s an amazing, “odd couple” combination that leaves us all wishing it were around all throughout the year not just for the coffee of the month.

What exactly is in our coffee of the month: Guatetopia?

Our Guatemalan Coffee

This Guatemalan coffee is a medium roast coffee.  Our wonderful Trapichitos Guatemalan coffee bean has more than a great flavor to it. It’s the first coffee CICR has carried that has a direct connection to our relationship with Agros. Check out this link to read about Agros’ work in Trapichitos. The country of Guatemala is bordered by Mexico to the north, Belize to the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. It is known for having some of the best coffees in the world with its high elevation being among the hardest beans available (dense coffee is GOOD coffee).

For more about our Guatemalan coffee’s taste profile, check our our coffee description on our blog at this link:

Our Ethiopian Coffee

Our Ethiopian coffee is one of our two current reserve coffees. The reserves are harder coffees for us to come by for one reason or another. This Ethiopian coffee is one of the most expensive coffees. We offer them because they add a flavor nuance to our coffee offering list that our other coffees miss. The Ethiopian coffee is among my favorite coffee choices as it has an extremely distinct blueberry tone that really gives this coffee a uniqueness all to itself. As I type this description from home, I’m sipping a french pressed cup of Ethiopian coffee and I have to add… it’s hard to concentrate on what I’m typing!

For more info on our Ethiopian coffee, check out our description on our website:


This is perhaps my personal favorite coffee of the month as it has both of my favorite French Press coffee beans and I’m a big French Presser! It makes awesome drip as well so I’m pretty much covered whether I’m at the roaster or at home. This coffee is a deal at the standard price too! If you like it, make sure you get your fill of it this month and enjoy the deal because next month, the mix is only available if you buy both the Guatemala Medium Roast coffee and also purchase the Ethiopia Reserve coffee at its full reserve price!


Dan Ericson
“Coffee Guru”


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  1. Dan, I truly loved this flavor. Don’t let me forget to add to my club account n exchange for something that I don’t like as well.


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