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Don’t mind us, We’re just Changing the World!

We’re no strangers to the occasional comments and rolling of eyes when it comes to our “Coffee Snobbery” at CICR.  We all enjoy grabbing our coffee and taking it with us when we visit others, go on vacation, or just head for a short drive.  We’ve also become very aware that many of our customers do the same thing!

Next time you hear a friend/family member make a comment about “the coffee snob you’ve become” or joke with you about your obsession with coffee, just think about this…

The coffee is GREAT, Organic, Shade-grown, and fairly traded – and that plays a part… but how often can you carry your favorite beverage with you and know that you’re changing the world as you move about through life?

Once you’ve thought about it, offer to make them more than a coffee snob. Tell them the story and share a cup or two… or some beans. If they join our Coffee Lover’s Club, you’ll get a free shipment, but more importantly, you’ll have added another person to the arsenal of people changing lives through responsible purchasing daily!

That’s the reason we roast/ship/drink our coffee after all!

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