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An Ethical Coffee Meeting with Agros International

An Ethical Coffee Meeting with Agros International

This past Wednesday, Dan and I had the opportunity to visit Agros HQ in Seattle. It was a great time and they were very hospitable to us.  We were able to share some of the new things CICR has been working on.  Many new faces (for me at least) were there for the meeting.

Our customers all know of our close relationship with Agros as we talk about it all the time.  Just as it’s important for us to communicate to you the changes you create through being members of our Coffee Lover’s Club, it’s also important for us to spend time communicating our focus on ethical coffee with Agros as well.  For us, giving Agros a check from our Coffee Lover’s Club orders is only a sustainable act if we can also communicate with Agros and allow them to communicate back.  Knowing of Agros’ future goals is part of responsible giving and ethical coffee.  Allowing Agros to communicate their goals back is part of responsible receiving.  We’re so happy to have a wonderful relationship with Agros.

Dan brought his camera and took a few pictures in between making Frozen X-plosion’s and serving brewed coffee.

The table we sat at had a wonderfully colorful tablecloth.  Emily at Agros provided Dan and I very delicious sandwiches! Shannon grabbed Dan’s camera when he came out with the Frozen X-plosion’s for everyone and took a couple great pictures: Here are a few of the Agros workers enjoying Frozen X-plosion’s. The purpose of our visit was for me to share CICR’s vision for ethical coffee with Agros and “update” them on the things happening around CICR. All-in-all, we had a great time celebrating ethical coffee and sustainability.

Jeff – CICR

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Shipping Organic, Sustainable Coffee Globally!

When we chat with our coffee prosumers about various places that we ship our coffee to, we’re met with a lot of intrigue. While our Coffee Lover’s Club is currently only shipped to the United States, we ship larger quantities of coffee globally as well! Sure, we purchase coffee from different countries around the world, but we also SELL coffee to many countries as well.

Recently, we sent a shipment to Japan and thought it’d be fun to post a couple pictures for you to see. This order, while a little smaller than some, was a fun one to fulfill at 3000lbs. Strictly Seattle, KK in Japan has been purchasing coffee from us for years. They serve our espresso at their high end restaurants as well as their coffee shops throughout Japan. Japan is one of the many countries that we send our organic coffee to. You can also find our coffee in Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, and Ecuador. Of course you can always find it here in the United States of America.

While we don’t ship smaller orders (Coffee Lover’s Club or retail) to countries other than the U.S., we are always looking for good distribution partners to help expand our reach. Through our global reach, we are able to sell more coffee to further our goals of helping these third world farmers. It’s one of our many methods of creating a sustainable business that also helps to create sustainability globally.

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Back and Speedier than ever!

If any of you visited our blog in the last few hours, you may have noticed things not looking quite right. Well, we’ve upgraded! Our old server wasn’t able to support the popularity of our blog (we have to say, we’ve been fairly overwhelmed at how many people are paying attention to it!). So if you’ve been to the blog and been frustrated with speed issues, try us again! Things should be moving along very… well, zip-pily!

We’ve also revamped our photos page with faster loading photos that pull directly from our Flickr account, done a bunch of bug fixes (including one that made it hard to respond on blog posts), and generally improved stability by removing things that didn’t add value to the blog.

Thanks to all who’ve been so loyal and supportive to force this upgrade. It’s great customers like you that keep us moving ahead!

Camano Island Coffee Roasters’ Blog Crew