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November’s Coffee of the Month – Peru Light and Dark

It’s a busy time of year for us at Camano Island Coffee and I’m a few days late on this post (please forgive me!). November marks the first month of the availability of our Holiday Blend and Holiday Blend Midnight coffees. Of course, what is often lost in the shadow of those coffees is a great coffee that many don’t usually get a chance to try.

Our Peru coffee is described as:
“One of the highest in elevation in the region, this Peru bean has sweet, fruity tones that lend towards a naturally sweet cup. Our Peru is our lightest bodied coffee which makes it a great choice for the coffee drinker that enjoys drinking lots of coffee yet doesn’t want to sacrifice in the flavor of the cup. This coffee is great anytime of the day and compliments many meals.”
That description still holds true with this special blend of roasts. The only addition I would make to that description is the added amount of complexity from the combination of a Light Roast coffee and a Dark Roast coffee.

At CICR, we get so caught up in coffees that have a “strength” in flavor or provide the drinker with a “rich” cup of coffee, that the Peru often gets overlooked. Peru, while not having that super heavy flavor, has a wonderfully mellow tone. We always market it as our “guzzling” coffee but it’s also a wonderful compliment to food. When I’m eating a meal, I want my coffee to taste great, but not compete with what I’m enjoying. This Peru’s natural sweetness only goes to compliment the meal rather than combat it.

That’s it for this one! Thanks for reading and come grab a cup at the Roaster if you’re out here! We always have FREE cups of our fresh roasted organic coffee for you to try!

Dan – CICR

PS – Don’t forget, we still do have our Holiday Blends Available now!

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