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Coffee, The World in Your Cup – The Burke Museum


Wow! This was a great time. First off, to those of you that showed up because of our Twitter messages, Facebook updates, or word of mouth, “Thanks so much!” This was an awesome event and the Burke Museum did a great job setting up the story of coffee from plant to cup. We were able to meet so many new people and tell the story of CICR, our focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through ethical coffee and teaching some Coffee 101. We gave out over 200 free lattes and cups of drip coffee! The response was incredible!

My lovely wife gave out cups of our Brazil Coffee (March 09’s coffee of the month) and showed interested parties the difference between green coffee and unroasted Swiss Water Processed coffee.They were able to handle the green beans and taste the finished product. Jeff, pulled 1 shot of espresso for a gentleman and then went into “talk mode” (which I got to tease him for)! All teasing aside, it was great because he was really able to explain the mission of our company and help people understand that there is more to “Coffee, The World in Your Cup” than just a beverage. It tied the exhibit into our ethical coffee very well.

Myself? Well, I made a bunch of lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, americanos, and straight espressos and pulled all the shots after Jeff’s token espresso in the picture to the left (haha… I can’t give it up!) I was also able to explain more of the technical details of flavor characteristics of coffee as well as some of the best extraction methods (eg. Varietal Supremo is best used in espresso). Oh yeah, and as the company “geek”, I had fun Tweeting the event live (with pictures) and shooting images with my camera for use on our blog and Facebook page.

All in all, we had a great time and got to meet a lot of new people as well as see some familiar faces. Most importantly, we were able to explain how our customers were able to break the cycle of poverty in many coffee growing villages just through purchasing ethical coffee.

Thanks for supporting us! Your support helps us continue forward!



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  1. So glad the weekend went well for you and everyone at CICR. The Burke was happy to have you share your knowledge and your coffee.

    Best wishes,

    Julia Swan
    Burke Museum

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