Learn how to be the Brew Master you always wanted to be!


Brew Guide: French Press

The exact origin of the French Press has been subject to much debate. Folklore says it was an elderly frenchman in the 1850s, while the italians claim to have produced the most functional model in the early 1900s. Of course, the fight to take the credit is understandable, as French Press is one of the […]

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Brew Guide: Chemex

The Chemex was invented in 1941 by German scientist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. What began as an experiment with basic laboratory tools came to be one of the most classic brew vessels in history. In fact, the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art, and many other museums have the Chemex on permanent display because of it’s […]

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Brew Guide: Aeropress

Aerobie, the company that invented the Aeropress, is not a coffee company by origin. Their first product was actually the Aerobie Pro – A flying disk. Today, Aeropress is Aerobie’s #1 product and produces an espresso strength coffee and as a result, has become known as the “poor man’s espresso”.

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How To Use a French Press

On Camano, at CICR’s roasting building or by phone, we are frequently asked questions about proper preparation techniques for coffee. One of the most popular brewing methods is using a french press pot. Read on to learn how to use a french press.

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Brew Guide: Steamed Milk

The art of steaming milk is tricky, but worth the dedication required to learn. Keep a close eye on all the small details, and with practice you can become a true pro. Steaming milk can be difficult, and takes around 4 minutes to do. WHAT YOU NEED Milk Espresso Machine with Steamwand Pitcher Cloth POUR […]

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Brew Guide: Espresso

Espresso was invented as a way to make coffee “expressly”, as people were in a hurry and didn’t have time to wait 10 minutes to brew their morning pot of coffee. However, over the years, espresso has become more about the taste then the speed. The rich, strong flavor is something that coffee drinkers around […]

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Brew Guide: Woodneck Coffee

Woodneck brewing originated in Japan in the early 1900s. It’s unique flavor comes from the use of a cloth filter and the slow brewing process. We recommend the Woodneck to those who are truly dedicated to the craft of homebrew – it requires patience and precision to get the bold, sweet cup it’s known for. […]

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Brew Guide: Pour-Over

Over the past few centuries, many different inventors and coffee companies have developed their own unique method to Pour-Over coffee. By changing the size of the hole and the pattern of the interior ridges, companies have developed different Pour-Over models that all produce their own unique cup of coffee. For this brew, we used a […]

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Brew Guide: Turkish Coffee

Coffee is a huge part of Turkish culture. In fact, traditional houses include special “coffee rooms” specifically for brewing and drinking coffee. In the 17th century, the Turks were spending more time drinking coffee then going to the mosques to pray, so the government made coffee illegal. This, however, didn’t stop the Turks from drinking […]

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