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Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua: Petronillo’s Story

Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua “Access to clean water is the biggest problem we have in Nicaragua,” Petronilo Lopez Diaz, the San Jose President says frankly. “In Nicaragua we have to bring clean water from a long way away and there are only three water points in the community for 29 families.” Getting Clean Water […]

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Backyard Tilapia Farming: German and Ester’s Story

Backyard Tilapia Farming: German and Ester’s Story For years farmers like Germán were forced to work for giant haciendas in the region of Piedra de Horeb in Honduras. But, German with the help of Agros found another way to provide for his family — backyard tilapia farming. German looked to backyard tilapia farming. But in […]

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Indonesian Coffee: Escape To a Different World of Flavor

The many microclimates and different elevations in Indonesia produce coffee that is highly renowned. With a production level of 540,000 metric tons in 2014, according to the International Coffee Association, Indonesia is the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world. The coffee industry in Indonesia is largely comprised of smaller operations resulting in more […]

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Honduras: A Range Of Flavor

In 2011, Honduras climbed to the top of coffee production in Central America. This is no small feat considering the challenges that coffee growers have faced. While coffee has been grown here since the 1800s, the industry struggled due to export issues and political problems. A lack of good shipping methods meant that most of […]

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The End of Poverty: Noemi’s Story

Noemi is from Los Angeles, Guatemala. Los Angeles is in the Ixil region where our Guatemalan coffee comes from. Noemi and her family — like more than 500 million families worldwide — depend on land for their livelihood. Unfortunately Noemi and her family lived in extreme poverty due to a lack of access to land.

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Beware, the Ides of March: Coffee Edition

The soothsayer spoke the truth, but Julius Caesar didn’t heed the warning. “Beware, the Ides of March!” Little did he know that he would be betrayed on that date, let alone at the hands of his friend, Brutus. “He is a dreamer; let us leave him.”, is Caesar’s response to the warning. Later, his wife […]

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coffee bean seed

What is Coffee?

What is coffee? Although coffee is referred to as a bean, it is actually the seed of a piece of fruit, known as a coffee cherry. They were termed ‘beans’, as they resemble the appearance of actual beans. The cherries are hand picked, and the seed is separated from the fruit. There are various methods […]

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Health Benefits of Coffee: Increased memory!

What were you doing three weeks ago, on Wednesday, at 12:00? Can’t remember? Do you want to know how to increase memory? What we discovered is some pretty exciting research about the health benefits of coffee. Improved memory. Health Benefits of Coffee: Increase In Short And Long Term Memory. Studies have shown that among the […]

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Coffee and Headaches? What You Need To Know.

Coffee and Headaches? Here’s What You Need To Know. What is the relation between coffee and headaches? Well, we all know that coffee contains caffeine, but caffeine does more than help us wake up. It can also aid in pain relief. For instance, pain relievers such as Anacin and Excedrin, contain 120mg of caffeine to aid […]

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