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It’s back, by popular demand!  Our blend of Papua New Guinea Medium Roast and Sumatra Medium Roast is a favorite with many of our customers.  Our “PapuaMatra” is a yearly blend that brings such a huge demand, we need to purchase a lot of extra coffee beans!

06_June_PapuaMatra.jpgBean Notes: Both the Papua New Guinea coffee bean and the Sumatra coffee Bean enjoy a very loyal following.  Both are uniquely different yet come from a similar area.  Our Papua New Guinea (Jeff’s favorite coffee) has a subtle chocolaty tone that when coupled with the Sumatra’s dried fruit tones produce an unparalleled flavor.  The Sumatra coffee provides a deep, heavy body to compliment the bright tones of the Papua New Guinea coffee bean.


Sumatra Coffee - Medium Roast.jpeg

Country Notes: The Indonesian Islands consist of many fragmented provinces such as Papua, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and more.  If you didn’t notice, all of those countries are well known for growing exceptional beans!  The biggest thing that sets our Papua New Guinea and Sumatra coffees apart from those others is that we have sourced top grade, arabica, certified organic, fairly traded, and shade-grown coffees from our Papua New Guinea and Sumatra farmers.

Papua New Guinea Coffee: New Guinea Medium Roast.jpeg

Roast Notes: Keeping both of these coffees in a Medium Roast profile helps to accentuate the nuances of each bean.  We’ve tried darker roasts (resulting in the bright flavor notes being roasted out) and we’ve tried lighter roasts (which we ended up making the two coffees compete too much for flavor).  In the end the Medium Roast for each of these created this amazing aromatic, flavorful blend.

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