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Trace Bundy – An Agros Supporter and Camano Coffee Drinker

A few months ago, we had a younger gentleman and his wife show up at the Camano Island Coffee roasting building to enjoy some coffee. As a geek, and a mac user (sorry PC people), I immediately smiled seeing both of them pull out Mac computers and iPhones. I walked up to them and chatted with them a bit. Turns out, they had heard about us (and tried our coffee) from Agros and they were Agros supporters. After the round of introductions, I found out that Trace’s latest CD was inspired from a trip he and his wife, Becca took with Agros.

Being the geek that I am, I looked up his facebook page and myspace page. Then I found his website. I totally fell in love with his music. Trace plays “finger-style acoustic guitar” and uses “digital looping” to create an effect similar to many guitars playing different parts all at once. The catch is, he’s is the only one playing. I bought his CD (from itunes) immediately and am listening to it as I type this post and listen to it frequently… it’s good music to work to!

Recently, I received an email from Emily Bergstrom with Agros. I wanted to share a couple small excerpts from that email with you all:

“Trace and Becca Bundy said to say hello to you all and thanks for the coffee beans (which they plan to enjoy this great Sunday morning!)”

I checked out his facebook site and found a link for you to check out if you’d like to see about his upcoming concerts. “Note: brewing and serving our aromatic coffee was a great way to get folks over to the table and talking about village productive initiatives. Many took home the Camano Island brochures for future purchases, and many more wished they could have bought a bag on the spot… to consider for your future events :)”

Not only was Trace this really awesome musician I got to meet in person, but he is talking about CICR’s Coffee and our mission and supporting Agros. His support of Agros really makes him stand out from a lot of other musicians out there, in my mind.

That all said, I wanted to introduce you to him and encourage you to check out his music. I’ve linked to his sites throughout this article but wanted to provide a quick list of some great Trace Bundy links to learn more about him.

YouTube – Recommended 🙂 MySpace

Ok, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you discovered a musical gem as we here at CICR have!

Dan – CICR