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K-Cups and Keurigs – What to know before you buy

Do You Have a K-cup Brewer?

If you answered yes, then you’re one of millions that can answer the very same way.

Every few years, a new coffee brewing method emerges from no-where to become the latest craze. From Pod espresso machines to Aeropress — the coffee industry continues to find new and creative ways to brew our favorite beverage. For the most part, the traditional methods will be around for years to come, but every so often, a new contender joins the ranks…

the Keurig Coffee Brewing System.

So the question is…

Should I buy one?

I’ve assembled a bullet-point Pro’s and Con’s list to answer these questions:


  • Super Fast
  • Incredibly Easy Cleanup
  • Small portions – well, assuming that’s a positive for you. It really isn’t for me! 😉


  • Huge Environmental Impact*
  • Atrociously Expensive*
  • Small portions — again, why?! 😉

Other than those reasons, it’s just a drip coffee brewer.

*Did you notice the stars in the “Con’s” section?

You see, the problem with Keurig Coffee Brewers is not the brewer itself — it’s the K-cups.  At the time of this posting, (who typically has the lowest prices for K-cups) was selling Folger’s brand Colombian for $44.99.  That’s for 80 K-cups.  Each K-cup contains 0.31 ounces of coffee. That’s a grand total of 1lb, 9.3oz of coffee.  That is expensive coffee.

Yup, that’s less than 2lbs. of really low grade coffee for $45.00.

The second problem with K-cups are the environmental impact. Take a lot at this article to learn more.

So, in summary . . .

The Keurig coffee maker is an easy way to make a single cup of drip coffee. The actual K-cups, however, are expensive and horrible for the environment.

The best way to enjoy the Keurig coffee brewer is to use a refillable filter like Solofill. You get the convenience at a fraction of the price. Not to mention — you can use freshly roasted Top 1% grade coffee instead of low quality coffee that’s bulk-roasted, and stored on a shelf for a long, long time!

Save yourself from stale, overpriced coffee, gain the convenience of the Keurig single serve machine and enjoy the Top 1% grade of coffee from Camano Island Coffee with the Solofill reusable filter.

Use the Solofill K-Cup insert and save over 50% off the price of K-cups filled with low quality, stale coffee grounds. Not only is the Solofill cheaper, it will also produce a better cup of coffee when used with freshly-roasted coffee — like Camano Island Coffee of course. 😉

Also, you don’t have to feel guilty about using your Keurig anymore. Solofill eliminates the negative environmental impact of K-cup’s, while still providing convenience!  Get a Solofill and purchase a coffee lover’s box!

-By Dan Ericson