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Stanwood/Camano Island Community Fair Ends

The fair has ended and once again, we had a great time. While the fair suffered a little in attendance because of the crazy weather (ie. the torrential downpour on Saturday evening), we stayed busy the whole time giving warmth to the few that braved the fair and the rain.

We went through 180 gallons of water (which equates to about 396 airpots full or about 7,920 sample sized cups of coffee) in making thousands of samples, hundreds of 12oz cups and hundreds of refills for anyone that purchased one (or in some cases, many) of our cool stainless commuter mugs! We also sold over a thousand pounds of coffee bringing a nice sum for Agros and their work.

For the 10th consecutive year, we enjoyed seeing many of you, our customers, both new and “long-term” alike. We gained many new club members to add to the rest of our great prosumers. In the beginning, our company was carried through its infancy by doing local tastings and fairs. It’s fun for me to reminisce about the days when I’d set up a Schuh Farms and sell a few pounds a day to interested visitors.

Thank you to all who came and for those that couldn’t but still support us and our vision with each purchase of  our healthy coffee. We’re here and growing because of you!

Jeff Ericson

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