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The Pro Guide to Coffee Grinds

The Pro Guide to Coffee Grinds

Coffee Grounds Infographic

What grind do you need for your favorite brew method?

5 thoughts on “The Pro Guide to Coffee Grinds

  1. What grind for use with regular coffee pot? I have a Bunn

    1. Katherine,

      Great question!

      For your Bunn it depends on whether the filter is flat-bottomed or cone shaped.

      For flat-bottomed we recommend the drip flat grind which is a number 6 setting.

      For cone-shaped filters we recommend the drip cone grind which is a number 4 setting.

      If you need any further assistance in determining the best grind for you please feel free to give our customer care team a call at (866) 387-5282.

      I hope that helps!

    2. Hi Katherine,

      Somehow we totally missed your comment here. So sorry!

      For most Bunn brewers you need a drip flat grind setting or a number 6. Some Bunn brewers will use a cone filter which would be drip-cone or number 4. The different between the two is the basket on a drip cone comes to a point, while the drip flat basket is flat on the bottom.

      Thanks for commenting and drinking our coffee!


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