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Our Medium Roast Coffees

Our Medium Roast Coffees

Medium Roasts

Which is your favorite of these Medium Roast Coffees?

5 thoughts on “Our Medium Roast Coffees

  1. I love Papua New Guinea this coffee is one of the best and I’m from Costa Rica and I know about coffee

    1. Papua New Guinea is the best coffee I’ve ever had! I’ve been raving about it to all of my friends and plan to share a couple of bags as gifts. I met this coffee through a friend and after grinding it ourselves, I just can’t get enough of the fresh, unique smell! I have finally met my match!

      1. April, Thank you for the kind words. We’re delighted you like the coffee.

        Thanks again,


  2. I love the Guatemalan coffees…they have that wake me up taste that one can also relax with…

    1. Nancy,

      Thanks for sharing! We’re delighted you’ve been enjoying our Guatemala single origin. This coffee comes from the Trapichitos region of Guatemala where many of our Agros villages work very hard to cultivate this unique coffee. Thanks for enjoying and choosing to make a difference in coffee farmer’s lives by paying a fair price!

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