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A Big Thank You From Jeff

A Big Thank You From Jeff

An update on our new referral program

You guys have been awesome! Last month we announced our new referral program and the response has been incredible.
We’ve had a bunch of new Coffee Lovers join the club.
Thanks to folks like you we’re able to spread the joy of delicious organic and shade grown coffee with your friends and family
And, more importantly, we’re helping our farmers around the world.

It’s never been easier!

  • Simply tell your friends and family about the Coffee Lovers Club.
  • We’ll give them $20 off their first shipment.
  • They simply write your first and last name in the referred by field.
  • After they join, we’ll give you a quick call to congratulate you on earning $20 towards your next shipment.
  • It’s that simple.

Learn more about our sharing tools


Why the Never Pay For Coffee program?

Over the years our company has grown by word of mouth. One of the challenges we encountered was tracking all of our referrals and making sure our members were recognized for sharing Camano Island Coffee with their friends and family.

As some of you know we set about the huge task of rebuilding our e-commerce system. This was a painful process. But, now that it’s complete we’re now able to track the referrals that you the Coffee Lovers Club member have been making all along. Essentially, we now get to reward you for doing what you’ve been doing — sharing.

What is the Never Pay For Coffee program?

For every friend you refer to the Coffee Lovers Club we will give you a $20 credit to use toward future club shipments.

And, we also give $20 off the first shipment of every friend you refer.

So basically, you’re friends will think you’re awesome for saving them money!

Thanks again for sharing Camano Island Coffee with your friends and family. Together we can save our friends from bad coffee and help coffee farmers around the world.   Thank you,
Jeff Ericson

2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You From Jeff

  1. Hello!
    Please send information about Ethiopian coffee you buy. Is it fairtrade certified?
    Thank you

    1. Zen geb,

      Yes. Our Ethiopian coffee is Fair Trade Certified. If you would like to learn more about our Ethiopian coffee you can here:

      Thanks for commenting!

      The Camano Island Coffee Team

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