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Top Reasons to buy organic coffee

Top Reasons to Buy Organic Coffee

Waking up with a fresh cup of coffee each morning is a great way to charge your energy levels and invigorate your senses so you’re ready to take on the tasks and responsibilities of the day. And while there are plenty of reasons to make sure that your coffee is organic and not made using conventional methods, our friends at Modernize have put together a list of some of the most important.

Avoid Pesticides

Unfortunately, coffee that is not grown organically is commonly treated with herbicides and pesticides such as endosulfan, diazinon, and triadimefon. But when you stick with organic coffee, you don’t have to worry about sucking up any dangerous chemicals that can produce serious side effects such as breathing problems, inflammation, and heightened blood pressure.

Enjoy Better Flavor

Because organic coffee is not produced using pesticides and chemicals, you can expect every sip to taste significantly better than its conventional counterpart. Whether you enjoy drinking your coffee black or with some milk and sugar, choosing organic is sure to eliminate any strange aftertastes or flavor inconsistencies.

Improve Your Nutrition

Organic coffee is full of antioxidants that help to keep the body strong, improve the immune system, and increase energy levels without having to experience a drop in energy once the afternoon comes around.

Take Part in Fair Trade

Many organic coffees happen to be fair-trade certified, which means that everyone who plays a role in their production is paid a fair wage and does not face dangerous working conditions of any kind. You can feel good about knowing that people in Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia where much of the coffee is grown won’t suffer just so you can enjoy your daily cup. Also, Camano Island Coffee Roasters contributes above paying fair trade prices. 4% of revenue received from the Coffee Lovers Club go back to support nonprofit organizations helping farmers build sustainable businesses at origin. Learn more here.

With these considerations in mind, it’s easy to see why buying organic coffee is so important. And the best part is, you’ll likely find that buying organic isn’t much more expensive than buying conventional overall. If you would like to give Organic coffee a try, feel free to get a free pound of organic Camano Island Coffee when you join the Coffee Lover’s Club. Click here to learn more.

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