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A Special Announcement: Expansion To Korea

A Special Announcement: Expansion To Korea

I am delighted to share a special announcement with you. Camano Island Coffee is moving into South Korea! Five years ago, we began selling our coffee through churches and private sellers. Through these connections, it quickly became apparent that Korean coffee drinkers wanted to change lives through prosumerism. As a result, “Camano Coffee Korea” will open a few coffee shops and kiosks in Seoul, South Korea.

3 Things You Should Know About Coffee In Korea

1. Why Asian Culture Is New To Coffee

As I’ve traveled to Asia over the years, I saw how their perception of coffee differs from America’s. I find it fascinating that America has a unique ‘coffee pot mentality’. What does that mean? In nearly every American household, there’s a coffee pot. We grab our coffee on the go and put it in our travel mugs. It’s a rare moment when we sit down to relax.

In Asia, they have a ‘tea pot mentality’. What’s the difference? Koreans view drinking tea as a peaceful activity, meant to help ease the mind. You will find a teapot in nearly every household. I realized that buying coffee and brewing at home was not a familiar concept to the Asian culture, until recently. Over the last few decades the coffee craze has become popular in Asian culture. Coffee shops are popping up all over Seoul. Though some have formed as kiosks, reflecting the American ‘on the go’ mentality, many take on a more ‘homey’ feel. This got me thinking: we could bring Camano Island Coffee to the Korean ‘at home coffee shop’ experience.

2. The “At Home” Coffee Shop Experience

Chairs lined with tables, loud jazz music blaring through the speakers, and a constant chatter of people does not reflect a Korean coffee shop. Instead, you will see Korea’s take on an authentic ‘meeting spot’ coffee shops designed as houses. In these cafes, you can walk into a living room, sit down on a sofa and listen to soft music.

Now, Camano Island Coffee has become a part of the Korean “at home” coffee shop experience. Customers can buy coffee for their home or buy espresso drinks in our shops and kiosks. Each cup they drink directly supports your Agros farmers and continues to make a difference.

3. Just Like You, Korean Coffee Lovers Want to Make A Difference

I just love that we can take prosumerism to Korea and here’s why: because of coffee lovers like you, we’re able to expand across oceans and continue spreading generational change for our farmers. Transformational purchasing is not strictly an American idea; people around the world want to make a difference.

We all have the power to change the world and buy responsibly. Our Korean friends now join us to make a powerful impact with every dollar spent. Thanks to you, we’re able to spread prosumerism and continue breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

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