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Picking The Perfect Coffee to Compliment Your Meal

Picking The Perfect Coffee to Compliment Your Meal

If you think that any type of coffee is appropriate to round out your meal – whether you’re having steak, pad thai, or pasta – then you are missing out. Different coffees are unique in flavor, so they will pair better with some foods than others. You wouldn’t serve a desert wine with your smoked salmon, so to avoid an unfortunate flavor clash, here is a handy guide to pairing Camano Island Coffee Roasters blends with your meals.

A Relaxing Brunch

The next time you have a free Sunday, why not celebrate by inviting a few friends over for brunch? Instead of offering just decaf and regular coffee, mix things up a bit with a variety of blends to complement the different foods you serve. Place an urn of African Reserve next to the fresh fruit, Brazil Dark Roast next to the smoked meats, and Papua New Guinea Light Roast next to the eggs. African Reserve has hints of blueberry and maple syrup that will expertly compliment the berries, the spice of the Brazilian Dark Roast will boost the smokey flavor of your meats, and the light roast of Papua New Guinea won’t overpower your scrambled eggs. Soon, all your friends will be excited to try new coffees with you every weekend.

Decadent Dinner

Planning a special dinner can be time-consuming, but can be incredibly rewarding when you show your friends a whole new way to enjoy their favorite morning beverage. Go above and beyond by offering your guests not only great food, but great coffee, too. Heavy meat dishes and rich stews can go well with darker roasts, where lighter dinners such as a spicy Thai stir fry may be more enjoyable with a light roast from Papua New Guinea. You can even use coffee to marinade your meat, giving your steak, chicken, or chops a unique, smoky flavor.


A fruity desert would pair well with a light to medium roast coffee. With its fruity flavor and hints of blueberries and maple syrup, African Reserve is a great choice to pair with your desert course. Rich chocolate desserts, such as chocolate mousse, will taste divine with a dark roast from Brazil, and crème brûlée will dance on your tongue when paired with the citrus undertones of a light roasted coffee from Guatemala. When combined, coffee and dark chocolate desserts are an antioxidant powerhouse, so if anyone looks at you sideways, tell them you’re just thinking of your health.

Learning To Enjoy Coffee Like A Fine Wine

Wine tastings are a popular social and gastronomical activity; people love getting together to discuss complex flavors, and how the growth and processing of the grapes have affected the taste. Coffee tastings can be a very enjoyable experience as well, with the added benefit of no hangover afterward! Consider getting some friends together and trying a large selection of different coffees. Serving a variety of finger foods will give you and your guests the chance to see what pairings work best. You may be surprised to find just how much the flavor of the coffee varies depending on what you are eating with it. Many people don’t ever try more than one or two types of coffee, which is a real shame considering how many rich, diverse varieties are out there.

Health-Conscious Coffee: An Organic Gift

Pairing organic, shade-grown, fairly traded coffee with your meals is a great way to enhance both taste and your health. Camano Island Coffee Roasters has a large selection of 20 different roasts available, there are roasts and varieties perfect for any occasion. Getting multiple roasts in your monthly order is a great way to have different coffees on hand, so you can pair them with your meals perfectly. If you love pairing your food with great coffee, join our coffee lovers club today!

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