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Changing Lives With Goats

Changing Lives With Goats

Over the years your coffee purchase has helped to change the lives of 24,000 farmers. One of the ways your coffee has helped is the funding of the Goat Initiative in Ixil — the largest of its kind in Central America.

What on earth is a Goat Initiative?

Goats are incredible resource for milk, cheese, and yogurt production. Their milk is very nutritious and easy to digest. Unlike cows, however, goats also do not compete with human food supply. They’re also much easier on the land. In addition the initiative has helped to provide jobs to more than 2600 families in the Ixil region.

Thank you

This goat initiative has clearly created generational change. This change has broken the path of destruction and tragedy, filling this region with hope and means of sustainability after so many years of civil war. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey.

Just think: all this with just your daily cup of coffee.

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