13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

Each and every one of us has our own excuse for drinking coffee. Some do it for social purposes, for an extra dose of energy, or because they simply like the taste. However, there are very few people who admit that they need the coffee, not just want it. Or more precisely, it’s your brain that needs it.

In these cases, our brain knows better than us. It knows what it needs to clear that annoying fog resting around it at the same time every day. And here are a few quick reasons why you should give in to that urge, according to Dripped Coffee’s infographic:

  • It gives you an energy boost
  • It reduces the risk of depression
  • It reduces cravings and helps you burn calories
  • It strengthens your DNA
  • It improves your focus and stimulates your central nervous system
  • It improves your short term memory
  • It protects against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, gout or type 2 diabetes.

Your brain sees coffee as humans see a hug: it’s soothing, it’s helpful, and it’s one of the best addictions to have. We know we are coffee addicts; we just don’t care. And if we are to be completely honest, neither does our brain.

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