Why We’re Different

4 Steps To Ethical Coffee

Making a difference with your daily cup of coffee.

First: The Beans

– Ethical coffee beans means all organic – prioritizing coffee farmers’ safety.

– Ethical coffee means shade-grown — guaranteeing bird habitat and preventing soil erosion.

Second: The Price

– Ethical coffee means buying fairly traded beans.

– We pay over the Fair Trade Certified rate for our green beans.

– Higher price for the highest quality beans.

Third: Giving A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out.

Independence – as landowners, farmers can command a better price for their delicious product.

Accountability – as landowners, farmers can decide for themselves whether to use dangerous pesticides or harmful agricultural practices like clear-cutting the Rainforest.

It Doesn’t End Here! – Agros also helps farmers through education and water treatment programs. Now that’s something to drink to!

Fourth: The Biggest Factor In Generational Change — You.

That’s right, you are the most important component for lasting change.

– By supporting ethical coffee that’s certified organic, shade-grown, and fairly traded, you preserve the environment and avoid poisonous pesticides.

– By supporting ethical coffee that’s fairly traded, you know coffee farmers receive a fair wage for their work— that’s life altering.

– There’s power in your dollar — use it! For every Coffee Lover’s Box shipment you receive from CICR, 2% is given back through our nonprofit partners: Agros and Food 4 Farmers.

Step 1: Choose Your Free Bag

Give the Coffee Lovers Club a try with your first bag free. Pause, or cancel whenever you want. Free bag is always FREE!


Choose a Grind

Step 2: Choose Your Club Type

Choose from 2lbs, 3lbs or 4lbs per shipment. The bigger the shipment the bigger your discount and shipping is always FREE!


2lb Club

$20.50/lb $40.99/Shipment
+ Free Shipping

3lb Club

+ Free Shipping

4lb Club

+ Free Shipping

Step 3: Choose Your Coffees

Mix and match over 20 organic coffees. Try something different with every shipment.

Coffee Choice 1 of #

Choose a Grind

Step 4: Choose Frequency

Pick your preferred frequency, but remember, you can change this at any time. Pause or cancel a shipment. You're always in control.


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