Varietal Supremo – Espresso – SWP Decaf – 1lb


Tastes like sweet molasses with hints of mixed berry.


Sweet and full bodied, with none of the caffeine, our Swiss Water Processed Decaf Espresso blend requires that we roast each varietal separately to the darkness that brings out certain flavor nuances, and then blend the beans to create a wonderful shot of espresso.

The goal of a good espresso roast is to maximize the sweetness and aroma of the coffee while minimizing the bitterness and acidity. Most roasters go too dark with their espresso, which explains why many people expect espresso to be very dark and bitter.

Good espresso is rich, heavy-bodied, and almost syrupy. Most people prefer to have their espresso in a cafe latte or other steamed milk based drink. Our Roast Master however, roasts these varietal beans to produce a blend that when brewed properly can be consumed and enjoyed by itself.