Honduras – Dark Roast – 1lb


Tastes like molasses, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

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Organic Honduras Coffee

Known for its rich mix of molasses, brown sugar, and cinnamon flavors, our organic Honduras Dark Roast coffee gives you molasses sugar cookie flavor in a smooth cup of coffee.

This unique coffee is grown in the Honduran region of Copan. This delicious USDA Certified Organic Honduras coffee is grown at high elevation — over 4,000 feet above sea level.

Amazing Flavor


Molasses Sugar Cookies


Brown Sugar



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Coffee Reviews


I love this coffee, I could never go back to store bought. The coffee club has been wonderful.


I got my two free pounds of coffee the other day and have been very impressed with the quality. Shade grown makes a huge difference in the level of acidity. Instead of tasting the acidity in my coffee I now taste the flavor, of which I have found no parallel. Not to mention that by buying this coffee you are supporting a supply chain that is focused on empowering impoverished families in 3rd world countries. Great product and phenomenal source!


I Have never been a coffee drinker. I loved the smell but couldn’t stand the taste. I heard about bulletproof coffee and decided to use Camano Island roasters as my choice for shade grown coffee. Along with my Kerry gold butter, MCT oil, raw honey and cacao powder. I must say I cannot go a day without it. When I received my 4 lbs of coffee my house was so alive with the smell of coffee. Amazing stuff! Thank you.