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poop coffee

Soooo tired of coffee cherries!

Cat poop coffee or Kopi Luwak  — as it’s known in highfalutin circles — is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. But just because it’s expensive coffee, doesn’t make it the best coffee in the world. In fact it tastes pretty awful. Read on to learn more . . .

1. Cat Poop Coffee and Oyster BandAids.

What does cat poop coffee taste like? At  more than $75 a pound you would think pretty good, right? But, cat poop coffee is literally pooped out by a cat, so it tastes as you would imagine — pretty poopy.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read what the online coffee magazine, Sprudge.com, says about cat poop coffee, “One of four cups was moldy and another single cup showed phenol. I tasted band-aids, iodine, and oyster.”

So to be clear cat poop coffee tastes like moldy band-aids used by an oyster!

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2. Cat Poop Coffee Devalues Specialty Coffee.

Coffee Drinkers pay a premium for specialty coffee. It’s produced more ethically, and safely. Also, specialty coffee tastes better, because it includes only the highest grade coffee. But, the majority of coffee drinkers in America are left in the dark about what they’re drinking. When a “fad” like cat poop coffee comes along it devalues specialty coffee and deceives the coffee drinker. Why drink specialty coffee if it’s made with cat poop? Right? Kopi Luwak is not specialty coffee — it’s just poop.

cat poop coffee

Smell the poop. Just smell it.

3. Cat Poop Coffee Promotes Animal Abuse.

Kopi Luwak is pooped by the Civet. The Civet is kept locked in small cages and then force fed coffee cherries. That’s the Civet’s life.  Cat poop coffee is not ethical coffee. They never get out. They eat coffee cherries, poop and repeat until they die — they don’t get out. They never again live in their natural habitat. All so an unscrupulous coffee importer can overcharge for poop. What does Kopi Lowak taste like? Oyster bandaids, deception, and prison.

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