Nuevo Futuro: The Colombian Farm Of New Futures

Nuevo Futuro: The Colombian Farm Of New Futures

Your Coffee Is Supporting New Futures In Colombia

Nuevo Futuro or New Futures is a small association of 200 indigenous Colombian coffee producers. These producers are lead by the dynamic, Luz Elva Chacon. Chacon feels Nuevo Futuro will be successful because they work together to promote ownership and income diversification for each farmer.

In 2017 with the help of Coffee Lovers like you, Nuevo Futuro will be investing in new food security projects. These projects include home gardens, new clean water systems, and chicken and egg production. These projects will diversify the income and food sources of Nuevo Futuro. These projects will provide a much needed source of protein and additional income for the families to build their future together.

With every cup of Camano Island Coffee you are supporting farmers like Luz Elva Chacon to help build “new futures” for themselves and their families. Thank you for making a difference with your daily cup of coffee.

Thank you for supporting Food 4 Farmers.


The Farmland of Nuevo Futuro

Farmers of Nuevo Futuro

Nuevo Futuro leader, Luz Elva Chacon, picking pineapples

Luz Elva Chacon inspecting coffee trees

Some of the first eggs from the new chicken project

Luz Elva Chacon with some of the farmers of Nuevo Futuro

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